Frustration! are probably GLAD I have not blogged in awhile. I took a Quilt of Valor off my frame so I could load a group quilt. It needs to be mailed SOON! (I had such HIGH HOPES!) So I loaded the group quilt. Tension on the thread looked great...My frame has some counter weights on them..and when ever the take up bar gets as far as it can go...the counter weights UNROLL! I know you probably have NO IDEA what I'm taking about . Even the Long armers dont' have to deal with these weights,but TRUST me when I say I have had to re-do them EVERY TIME I put a new quilt on the frame. If I had a room that would easily fit a long arm, I would OWN one RIGHT NOW. ....OK, now that I have vented, You will be glad to know I said a few choice words (well, maybe you aren't glad to know THAT!), took a day away from the frame, and now am making it work. Here is a picture of the freemotion. I cannot show you the whole quilt until the recipient GETS it. Then I will show you front and back.

In the meantime, My husband is 'getting' the fact that I would get alot more done, if I had a system that WORKS. My friend is getting a HQ 16 ...she will have it set up soon and offered to let me test drive it. I will let you know!

Back to the frame!!


swooze said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! What kind of frame do you have? My friend has an HQ16 and loves hers!
Brittany Lemmons said…
so...i should be doing my organic chem homework as well as study for my 2 physiology exams all for tomorrow...but i stopped on by and saw the pic. love love LOVE the hearts :) They're boo-ti-ful haha!
soccer have you seen that machine Gammil came out with for home quilters you can get it with a couple diffent lengths of tables!
I saw it in a magazine recently and it looked good :O)

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