Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mr Smug strikes again!

I was kind of patting myself on the back for two baby quilt deliveries..when Mr SMUG arrived! (drat that man!) I had settled myself into Starbucks, the kiddo was at soccer practice. It was too cold to sit out at practice..and besides, no other parents to chat with. So...I got the 2nd quilt out to apply the label....chai tea latte at the ready. Enjoying stitching , being comfy...and BAM!

I get to the last side...and ...well..notice the YEAR??? :::Sigh:::: I really DO need to preview this stuff! Lucky for me it takes so little to redo this!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a finish and TWO deliveries

Oh I LOVE weeks like this. I am full into cleaning for the big day...well...actually I was TOTALLY stressed out by the clutter, so I would have dived in ANYWAY. I will quilt much calmer NEXT week, when most of the clutter is....!

Saturday was filled to the BRIM. Kiddo had soccer pictures at 7:30 AM ( what were they THINKING?) Luckily for me, I sent DH and kiddo off and I followed about 30 mins later. I picked them up and we headed for the weekly Saturday game....and HOUR from home. :::Sigh::: We live on the west side of the Valley of the Sun. They were playing ANOTHER west side team. WHY oh WHY did we have to travel that far for a game? What about conserving GAS??? ...they never ask you have to listen to me complain! After the game we joined our older son and his girlfriend for lunch - a SIT down lunch! REAL conversation! :::Swoon:::: As soon as I was finished, I dashed to the Dec meeting of the AZ LongArm QUilters meeting (half the way home). It is always fun, show and tell of COURSE...and some holiday goodies.

I got to deliver a quilt! I LOVE those days! This was the 3rd quilt for this family. The 1st two sisters got a color or the time the 3rd baby comes along, she just got PINK. I'm disappointed to say :I didn't get a PICTURE::: How COULD I!
Well, it is just like this: well..its is PINK!

This one will probably be delivered tonight. It is for kiddo's assistant soccer coach and his wife. They did the baby's room in a beach theme. This picture is kinda blurry, but the overall look is good (colors are right)

closer look at the blocks. This is a Terry Atkinson design. I think it is in the Happy Hour book.

And here is the quilting. I did a water meander with some flat swirls. I had very little tension problems and I really like the overall look.

By 9 pm on Saturday I was in the recliner, by 10, my husband had to wake me up to go to bed! WHEW! I was worn OUT!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do you ever feel like this tree? I see this tree daily on my way to deliver my teenager to school. I had been planning to take a picture of it for months. Something always camera (well DUH!), dead camera battery, sun shining on it get the picture. I feel like this quite often. I rarely have a large uninterrupted block of time to myself or my own pursuits. I get bogged down with house work/clutter/animals/other family members. I start one project and leave the room for it, and come back thoroughly engrossed in a DIFFERENT activity. I have to admire this tree tho. It IS bent...but it is not broken. It has adapted..and is still going strong! It still has green leaves and is growing! I feel bent over...but I hope I adapt and grow!

I'm off to finish up a QOV I had to pick out nasties on..its back on the frame and I want it on its way! Have a great day ::;trying to walk a little straighter...seeing that tree makes my back hurt!:::::

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

something QUILTY

FINALLY! Something quilty! I'm almost finished with this and hope to deliver it this weekend. The baby's room is done in a beach theme...

this picture is a bit blurry, but the colors are good, and you can see all the blocks.

A closer look at the blocks...

This is a picture of the water meander. It didnt' need too much quilting as it is pretty busy.

Binding matches the border with a small insert of the plain blue batik. I will take a picture of the scrappy back before delivery. I sure am ready for the Quilt Whisperer class I have signed up for in Jan. I need help with design decisions!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh my! PIE!

I was waiting the school parking lot for my friend to drop off her kids...I was lending her some pie cutters (you know, the ones where you take the left over pie crust and cut out a leaf or something for the Martha Stewart! But ONE thing I can handle!) When she got there, could I FIND those said cutters in my van? it was JUST cleaned out! Boy! One day of shopping...and POOF..that van is TOAST! ...Riffled around...found the cutters..

Just LOOK what she handed me! PIE! and guess what I DID with it...::: sly smile:::
I ATE it of course! (Don't you think it would have spoiled on the way home if I had NOT eaten it?...well I do! HA!)And guess what yesterday was? 1st day of my swim membership at the gym. Well..actually it was Friday, but the pool was closed for painting till yesterday. Think I'm off to a good start? I SWAM...but then I had PIE for breakfast! :::sigh::: YOU didn't have to look that pie in the EYE! We will see how I do is a 'I'm sore from swimming yesterday, so I'm just going to do laundry and get my haircut' day. Don't you have those? ::grin:::

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We live in a large city, but we are spread ALLLL over a huge valley....and we are a suburb that used to be VERY agricultural. Empty lots are slowly filling in, but nearby my house is a large field. Mostly goats are kept there with sheep being seen on occasion. In the past, one lone donkey kept an eye on the other inhabitants. Now there are 3 adults and 2 youngsters. I think the young are twins...they have been SO cute to watch!

I stopped by the fence to snap their picture from an open car window. I spooked the youngesters and they went TEARING off around the field! I felt bad that I had scared friend Frankie says that they would use any excuse to romp around the field. ...I don't feel so bad now! I gave them some exercise!

homemade pizza!

When we were in California earlier in the month, we were invited by friends of friends, to join them for dinner. HOMEMADE PIZZA! Now I'm not a huge pizza fan, but homemade...OK! I'll bite! I used to make it when we were 1st married,but I never won our older kids over.

As you can see...a VULTURE was laying in wait for this. And it is SUPPOSED to sit for 5 mins! I was lucky to get it out of the pan! When I asked about what to change..the vulture said..NOTHING! ...WOW...well..on 2nd thought, what was wrong with the pepperoni? (it was turkey...drat...I thought I had snuck that in!)Thanks Frank for the tip about the bottom of the roasting pan. That and me remembering to put corn meal on the bottom made these come out GREAT! I'm thinking this will be requested on Sundays regularly!

Friday, November 13, 2009

any one interested in a mystery?

Head on over to! Bonnie is starting a mystery quilt right after Thanksgiving. Fabric requirements are posted....I went stash diving...

and this is what I came up with. This is just the color palette...It will end up being pretty scrappy. I was kinda surprised at how many turquoise and bright greens I had. I'm usually a brights girl..but primaries call my name most. What colors will YOU pick?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bad BAD blogger!

OK...I have probably lost all my readers..but here goes! Our 2 out of town trips under our belt, I'm home for the holidays!

I have signed up for an online quilting class in Jan and will probably be MUCH more of a fanatic about this AFTER that, but I DO see quilt patterns EVERYWHERE!
Now to YOU, this is just a package of paper towels.

I however see a quilting design :::grin::::

Notice the cute little curlique border design on the bottom. My family knew I was nuts before, NOW I'm just proving them RIGHT!

Just so you know I
HAVE been sewing and quilting,

Here is a picture of my friend Christina (who does not sew, but now QUILTS!)

working on THIS: a sheet with a Minkee back. Both are supposed to be hard to quilt, and we had not ONE glitches, no tension problems, NADA. In honor of making friends with my Gammill that day, I have named her Lucy...(as in 'use LOOSE tensions') Sorry..bad play on words. I have more, but I'm trying to save ideas for another day! Hi Anita and Julie No blog! ::;see me waving:::::