something QUILTY

FINALLY! Something quilty! I'm almost finished with this and hope to deliver it this weekend. The baby's room is done in a beach theme...

this picture is a bit blurry, but the colors are good, and you can see all the blocks.

A closer look at the blocks...

This is a picture of the water meander. It didnt' need too much quilting as it is pretty busy.

Binding matches the border with a small insert of the plain blue batik. I will take a picture of the scrappy back before delivery. I sure am ready for the Quilt Whisperer class I have signed up for in Jan. I need help with design decisions!


Angie said…
Woman, I was starting to wonder if you had dropped off the face of the know, some of us DO miss you! :) So glad to see you back! :) Cute cute quilt!

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