a finish and TWO deliveries

Oh I LOVE weeks like this. I am full into cleaning for the big day...well...actually I was TOTALLY stressed out by the clutter, so I would have dived in ANYWAY. I will quilt much calmer NEXT week, when most of the clutter is.... well...de-clutterfied!

Saturday was filled to the BRIM. Kiddo had soccer pictures at 7:30 AM ( what were they THINKING?) Luckily for me, I sent DH and kiddo off and I followed about 30 mins later. I picked them up and we headed for the weekly Saturday game....and HOUR from home. :::Sigh::: We live on the west side of the Valley of the Sun. They were playing ANOTHER west side team. WHY oh WHY did we have to travel that far for a game? What about conserving GAS??? ...they never ask me....so you have to listen to me complain! After the game we joined our older son and his girlfriend for lunch - a SIT down lunch! REAL conversation! :::Swoon:::: As soon as I was finished, I dashed to the Dec meeting of the AZ LongArm QUilters meeting (half the way home). It is always fun, show and tell of COURSE...and some holiday goodies.

I got to deliver a quilt! I LOVE those days! This was the 3rd quilt for this family. The 1st two sisters got a color or theme..by the time the 3rd baby comes along, she just got PINK. I'm disappointed to say :I didn't get a PICTURE::: How COULD I!
Well, it is just like this: well..its is PINK!

This one will probably be delivered tonight. It is for kiddo's assistant soccer coach and his wife. They did the baby's room in a beach theme. This picture is kinda blurry, but the overall look is good (colors are right)

closer look at the blocks. This is a Terry Atkinson design. I think it is in the Happy Hour book.

And here is the quilting. I did a water meander with some flat swirls. I had very little tension problems and I really like the overall look.

By 9 pm on Saturday I was in the recliner, by 10, my husband had to wake me up to go to bed! WHEW! I was worn OUT!


Angie said…
Ah girl, you are so GOOD!!! I love the fact that your son plays soccer. Two of my nephews played when they were in school. :) I have some really good memories of soccer fields. :) The quilts are adorable! Hope you and yours have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

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