Oh my! PIE!

I was waiting the school parking lot for my friend to drop off her kids...I was lending her some pie cutters (you know, the ones where you take the left over pie crust and cut out a leaf or something for the top...so Martha Stewart! But ONE thing I can handle!) When she got there, could I FIND those said cutters in my van? it was JUST cleaned out! Boy! One day of shopping...and POOF..that van is TOAST! ...Riffled around...found the cutters..

Just LOOK what she handed me! PIE! and guess what I DID with it...::: sly smile:::
I ATE it of course! (Don't you think it would have spoiled on the way home if I had NOT eaten it?...well I do! HA!)And guess what yesterday was? 1st day of my swim membership at the gym. Well..actually it was Friday, but the pool was closed for painting till yesterday. Think I'm off to a good start? I SWAM...but then I had PIE for breakfast! :::sigh::: YOU didn't have to look that pie in the EYE! We will see how I do tomorrow...today is a 'I'm sore from swimming yesterday, so I'm just going to do laundry and get my haircut' day. Don't you have those? ::grin:::


Anonymous said…
It would absolutely have spoiled had it sat in your car all the way home-- you made the right decision to eat that pie!!

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