Mr Smug strikes again!

I was kind of patting myself on the back for two baby quilt deliveries..when Mr SMUG arrived! (drat that man!) I had settled myself into Starbucks, the kiddo was at soccer practice. It was too cold to sit out at practice..and besides, no other parents to chat with. So...I got the 2nd quilt out to apply the label....chai tea latte at the ready. Enjoying stitching , being comfy...and BAM!

I get to the last side...and ...well..notice the YEAR??? :::Sigh:::: I really DO need to preview this stuff! Lucky for me it takes so little to redo this!


Jeanne said…
That Smug person really gets around. VBG
Angie said…
LOL now that looks like exactly what I would do!! :)

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