homemade pizza!

When we were in California earlier in the month, we were invited by friends of friends, to join them for dinner. HOMEMADE PIZZA! Now I'm not a huge pizza fan, but homemade...OK! I'll bite! I used to make it when we were 1st married,but I never won our older kids over.

As you can see...a VULTURE was laying in wait for this. And it is SUPPOSED to sit for 5 mins! I was lucky to get it out of the pan! When I asked about what to change..the vulture said..NOTHING! ...WOW...well..on 2nd thought, what was wrong with the pepperoni? (it was turkey...drat...I thought I had snuck that in!)Thanks Frank for the tip about the bottom of the roasting pan. That and me remembering to put corn meal on the bottom made these come out GREAT! I'm thinking this will be requested on Sundays regularly!


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