Sunday, July 29, 2007

a turtle!

My daughter at one time wanted to be a marine biologist. That was before her trip to Australia and New Zealand. On that trip she got to go on a snorkeling day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. She had a GREAT time once she got there, but the sea was SO rough that the captain of the boat almost lost his lunch! That was the end of any talk of marine biology. HOWEVER, she still loves sea turtles...even Crush and Squirt, the father/son sea turtles from Finding Nemo. (she does a great Australian accent if I do say so myself!) A couple of years ago, I decided to make her a turtle quilt. I have collected 3 or 4 different turtle blocks and even found a reverse applique of swimming turtles. Here is the 1st block. I covered up the raw edges with some black fabric. I don't like to trim up the paper pieced blocks until they are joined with the next piece. I had bad luck doing that one time and had to trash the block. What do you think? The eye is just a pin stuck in there temporarily. I think I will just ink it in when I'm done. I did three of these turtles. They are all the same but the shell fab is different. I had to enlarge them...they were pretty small and were part of a wall hanging of wild life from the Northwest, I think.

I will post the reverse applique (dont' cringe...but I'm planning on using it for the BACKING! and I HAND appliqued it! AND it was my FIRST applique project! Yes, I know I"m crazy!) This will be an ongoing project...sandwiched in among the rest. I truly AM ADD when it comes to sewing!

I will be taking a short blogging break here just before school starts. Here it starts early as we get out about the 3rd week of May. If I get a chance I will be back,...if not, I'm finishing up the hour a day center. I'm mulling over a couple of possibilities on a pieced border different from Judy's. I am also joining Judy's challenge to make string blocks in Aug. I will put mine together myself and save it for one of my Angel Tree kiddos during the holidays.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer. I am actually looking forward to the start of school! (This from a woman who had her husband home for over a week with a bad back and NOTHING to do...AND a son who's friends were ALL out of town the same week. He had NOTHING to do EITHER! Husband is now back at work...kid has friends to play with...and school looms in the near distance!

Thanks for stopping to 'swim with the turtles'!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a hug block

I got chastised for not posting my newest hug block. It is for a friend from the AOL chat room

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hour a day blocks

I was out of the house this morning, so I didn't have a chance to put my blocks on the design wall. In between fending off a bored 11 year old and a husband with a wrenched back...AND my Diamondbacks playing the Florida Marlins...I got them up. What do you think?

it is hard to see in the picture, but the top right is blue..and the top left is green...I made 2 of each colored block..and they are opposite each other in the quilt. So if the top left corner is green..then the bottom right corner is the same block. I like the look of the black sq marching up one way...and the white ones marching down the other way. I have not decided how I will border this...I will have to live with it a few days before I decide. I enjoyed piecing this very much!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I had a hard time trying to decide if I should lay the blocks on the black counter top....or on the white ironing board! The counter top won. The large four patches have about 4 or 5 different black fabrics, while the medium ones and the small color ones share the same. Its got multicolor stars on it. I'm just a sucker for a good black fabric! I'm off to finish up the color blocks...and sew them to the medium four patch. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm so pleased!

I have been helping my small group with this project. I am making 2 for myself to display in mirrored niches for Christmas. Look how it turned out! All that cutting of different fabrics (can you say I"M SICK of refolding GREEN???) paid off. I have the middle of the 2nd one already completed. All I have to do is make the Delectable Mountain blocks. I am even working on a 'left over mt' project as they don't use all you end up with. The background has tiny dots of red blue and green. Just enough color without detracting from the wreath.

I will be back shortly to show you the blocks ready for my Hour a day quilt. I told you I have been sewing merrily along!

Monday, July 16, 2007

sewing along

Gee I have had a couple of days of just sewing right along! What fun! The sewing studio seems to be the coolest room in the house-as long as I remember to turn off the iron!

I seem to be getting more and more ...ODD about my scraps! Here is my latest obsession: When sewing a corner triangle, mark the sewing line and then one ½ inch inside that (on the corner you will eventually trim off)

Sew on both drawn lines. Cut in the middle of the seam lines, leaving ¼ inch seams on both sides.

Now you have your corner triangle...AND a HST for the scrap stash. I am collecting them in brights for a vest in the near future.

Tonight I will post a picture of my mystery Delectable Mountain project...and all my hour a day blocks! off to the sewing room!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

busy blog!

Why is it when I have time..I feel like I have nothing to blog? Then when I'm busy and have things to blog about, I either never get a turn on the computer...OR I'm too busy to blog about what I'm doing!

My little beginner sewer decided she just HAD to do a baby quilt for a favorite teacher. This lady moved during the middle of the school year. She and her husband just adopted a brand new baby! (when I say brand new..I mean BRAND NEW!) Little Sewer pieced the top ( we need remedial ¼ inch seams..and a lesson in pinning!), while I sandwiched, quilted, and bound. Here is the final outcome on its way out the door to the shower. This picture was taken around 2pm...and the shower was 2:30! AHHH nothing like a deadline! I think we need to go back and do a few garments..they are more forgiving! (and a bit easier on my nerves! lolol)

The flying geese in the border were the left overs trimmed from the corner triangles. The baby can play match the blocks.

Here is just a hint of a project I'm teaching my quilt group. I will show you more tomorrow...

I love to make Delectable Mountain blocks the easy way! Check out this easy method on
Bonnie's Quiltville page for a great tutorial.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well, altho I have not posted..I HAVE been busy! First I finally repaired a quilt back for my friend's mom. It was a case of not quite large enough backing, being a TITCH off line, and leaving my needle down when I left the quilt for the day.

Lesson 1: NEVER leave the quilt with the needle down. Unless you like appliqueing patches on the backing.
Lesson 2: check to make sure the back is big enough (this COULD have been a case of I loaded it I will mark the top after this)
Lesson 3: get your booboos DONE and out of your life. It will be a weight off your shoulders and you can move on!

I went looking for my fray check to keep threads in check on that back. Look what the bottle did! I squeezed it ONCE and the whole bottle CRACKED! I was lucky enough to have a small bottle in my drawer. It took me awhile, but I filled that bottle up. Had fun with the label maker too, didn't I!

Next on my plate was Little League patches on All Star Shirts. The shirts were messed up, so were not delivered to the LL pres until about 3 hours before game time. Oh how I WISH she had called me! Instead, she took a non-sewer's advise and used....TA DA...HOT GLUE!

Here is one of the finished products 'non-glued' Next year I HOPE she orders iron ons!