busy hands...no blog!

Why is it when I have time..I feel like I have nothing to blog? Then when I'm busy and have things to blog about, I either never get a turn on the computer...OR I'm too busy to blog about what I'm doing!

My little beginner sewer decided she just HAD to do a baby quilt for a favorite teacher. This lady moved during the middle of the school year. She and her husband just adopted a brand new baby! (when I say brand new..I mean BRAND NEW!) Little Sewer pieced the top ( we need remedial ¼ inch seams..and a lesson in pinning!), while I sandwiched, quilted, and bound. Here is the final outcome on its way out the door to the shower. This picture was taken around 2pm...and the shower was 2:30! AHHH nothing like a deadline! I think we need to go back and do a few garments..they are more forgiving! (and a bit easier on my nerves! lolol)

The flying geese in the border were the left overs trimmed from the corner triangles. The baby can play match the blocks.

Here is just a hint of a project I'm teaching my quilt group. I will show you more tomorrow...

I love to make Delectable Mountain blocks the easy way! Check out this easy method on
Bonnie's Quiltville page for a great tutorial.


Angie said…
What a cute quilt, Beth, and your Beginner Sewer is as cute as a button! :D I love the idea of putting the 'leftover' flying geese in the borders like that! :) Maybe I could come and join the class on 1/4" seams LOL as I'm really challenged with that. ROFL That and cutting straight strips. LOL

So glad to get a chance to visit with you again. :D Hope your Summer is full of your favorite things. :)
Elaine Adair said…
Please let your Beginner Sewer know how clever her quilt is! She did a wonderful job and it's a wonderful gift for a new baby.
Beth said…
Wow...she is good! And such a good teacher, too! (wink!)
Mary said…
I made one of these from Bonnie's instructions with my Mom for a niece. We used pink and brown but I like these greens too.

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