sewing along

Gee I have had a couple of days of just sewing right along! What fun! The sewing studio seems to be the coolest room in the house-as long as I remember to turn off the iron!

I seem to be getting more and more ...ODD about my scraps! Here is my latest obsession: When sewing a corner triangle, mark the sewing line and then one ½ inch inside that (on the corner you will eventually trim off)

Sew on both drawn lines. Cut in the middle of the seam lines, leaving ¼ inch seams on both sides.

Now you have your corner triangle...AND a HST for the scrap stash. I am collecting them in brights for a vest in the near future.

Tonight I will post a picture of my mystery Delectable Mountain project...and all my hour a day blocks! off to the sewing room!


Angie said…
That's an awesome tip, girlfriend!! :> I always go back and struggle to sew those little leftover HSTs. That will make it MUCH easier AND faster!! :D
Patti said…
I always do this - I've done it for years - I just can't stand to waste even the smallest amount of fabric!
Deborah said…
What a great idea!

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