Well, altho I have not posted..I HAVE been busy! First I finally repaired a quilt back for my friend's mom. It was a case of not quite large enough backing, being a TITCH off line, and leaving my needle down when I left the quilt for the day.

Lesson 1: NEVER leave the quilt with the needle down. Unless you like appliqueing patches on the backing.
Lesson 2: check to make sure the back is big enough (this COULD have been a case of I loaded it sideways..so I will mark the top after this)
Lesson 3: get your booboos DONE and out of your life. It will be a weight off your shoulders and you can move on!

I went looking for my fray check to keep threads in check on that back. Look what the bottle did! I squeezed it ONCE and the whole bottle CRACKED! I was lucky enough to have a small bottle in my drawer. It took me awhile, but I filled that bottle up. Had fun with the label maker too, didn't I!

Next on my plate was Little League patches on All Star Shirts. The shirts were messed up, so were not delivered to the LL pres until about 3 hours before game time. Oh how I WISH she had called me! Instead, she took a non-sewer's advise and used....TA DA...HOT GLUE!

Here is one of the finished products 'non-glued' Next year I HOPE she orders iron ons!


QuiltingFitzy said…
I've even resorted to sewing AT the game BETWEEN innings, lol.
You have been busy, what is happening with last post's pinks, I loved them! Tracey
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Some days are just like this... grr

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