Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st charm

I think this is the oldest charm I have. Since I have been a 'soccer mom' for about 22 years (EGAD!), I think it is VERY appropriate!I like the fact that the charm is 3 dimensional. I recently asked my youngest for a baseball charm, as that is REALLY his favorite sport (I THINK!)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Do you have a special piece of jewelry you wear daily? I do! Well..my WEDDING ring! Thats the most special of all...unfortuantely I am not wearing mine daily! I lost a small diamond chip a couple of months ago and had it reset. Since that time, I have lost two more stones from that ring. SIGH! It is going back to the jeweler SOON! I have a real affinity for charms. I had a gold charm bracelet my grandparents collected for me on their travels. It was very pretty, but I rarely wore it and it was stolen when our house was broken into soon after we moved in this house.

When I found a charm holder on a NECKLACE...well THAT was a different story! Here is the whole holder with the charms I wear daily. Tomorrow I will share the 1st one. Off to try my hand at quilting that group quilt!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

quilting designs

Do you do your own quilting? Do you favor pantographs, marking directly on your quilt, or free motion? I really like the look of pantos, but to tell you the truth , I'm MUCH more comfortable doing free motion. It shocked me too! I am NOT much of a drawer...I never COULD get my pictures growing up to look much more than stick figures. Practicing on a white board helps. It also helps to be OBSESSED! This is a bag I brought something home in (Julie: do you recognize this??? lolol)

and Of COURSE, all I saw was a quilting design!

here is my 1st attempts...I think I will do this, but I just noticed that the flowers each have 3 leaves on them on the bag..I will have to try that once. Oh, and I need to see what kind of thread is in the drawer...I won't be able to post pictures of this quilted for a bit. Its a gift for an online friend. I dont' THINK she reads my blog, but I would hate to spoil the surprise!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well..the raccoon is still hanging around. Maybe I SHOULD let the dogs bark at him, could make him uncomfortable enuf to move along. I'll have to think about that.

More on our mini vacation. We stayed the night in Tucson after the Spring training game between the Diamondbacks and Rockies. Next morning, we turned our noses to the west and drove to San Diego. Usually when we to California, we go to the LA area. We have family and friends and friends that are LIKE family near LA. So San Diego is a bit out of our regular sphere. We spent one night in the downtown area so we could go see this:

The World Baseball Classic! :Japan vs Korea!
We talked the guy sitting next to us into taking our picture...look at ALL that long hair! And that is the SON! lolol

This is the Korean fans ...we got a taste of what a real Asian baseball game is like! But not the food...just regular American baseball food!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A 6:30am wake up

This is my regular school day routine: The alarm goes off at 6:20 am. I get up in a few mins...first to let the dogs out. All three of them come in, get a treat and a drink...and then the two black ones go back out. I'm not likely to let them bark furiously at that time of day....THIS morning..they DID bark. They barked SO loud and furiously, I didn't think they were taking in any air! I had to go investigate...in my nightgown...no shoes or slippers. What I saw was a cat...on the wall between my house and my neighbors. This is not an uncommon occurance. My neighbor sometimes feed stray cats. Off I went to SHOO the offending feline away....it was NOT a feline! It was a RACCOON! We have lived in this house since 1992...we have had wild vistors: quail, roadrunners, rabbits, scorpions, but NEVER a raccoon! It was like the keystone cops! The dogs are barking...I'm trying to get a picture...I have nothing on my feet (remember..this is AZ...only GRAVEL and I'm a wimp where my feet are concerned). By the time I got the dogs back inside and got my hands on my camera, this is the only picture I got:

That furry blob on the left is him. He was HUGE! My poor Rookie whined and cried for an hour wanting to get back outside to look for him. What a morning wake-up! I was ready to crawl back into bed!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday and a QUIET house!

Well, I think the whirlwind has died down for the moment! First there was a baseball tournament in Tucson (not ONE game was won tho...RATS!) We took in a spring training Diamondback game. I am not TRULY a spring training fan. I have not figured that out, but I'm thinking its because I have very little chance to SEE any of the games. My kiddo (youngest, last in the nest) attends a charter school. I'm the bus. No car pool. Spring training games typically start at 1pm. He gets out at 3. Even on early release days he is not out until 1. So ..my dilemma: Either I leave at 2:30 and only get to see an inning or two, OR I get there late and miss that 1st inning or two. Either way, I never get to see a whole game....

We got a glimpse of Mark Grace (any Cubby fans out there?)

And Darrin Sutton (son of Hal Sutton). They are our Diamondback announcers. They were filming a promo of some kind. Kinda cool to see them just bopping around the stadium. They were very gracious and signed autographs and chatted with fans...

Here is the baby quilt finished and ready for delivery...

I picked a soft pink for the binding and a pale yellow for the 'peeper' (I saw someone call the insert/flange/piping with no piping a 'peeper' because it peeps out. From now on, thats what I will call mine too...)

I finished the hand work in the car...binding/label and burying extra threads. Back tomorrow with more of the trip and whats up in the studio...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well...I have been trying to keep up with reading my favorite blogs...and I THINK about blogging, and then never get it onto a post! I'm hoping we dont' do this over lapping sports seasons anytime soon! I'm not even PLAYING them and I'm SO weary!

Here are some pictures of what I have been working on:

This is a nine patch variation. I was sailing along busting stash...came to a screeching halt when I went to look for binding. I FOUND the color I wanted. More that once...most I only had a FQ of....SIGH

Isnt this pink fabric CUTE? I would buy a couple yards of it, if I could find it again. If anyone sees any...let me KNOW! The quilt pattern is from one of the "Easy as ABC" books by Ursula Reikes. They are tried and true! (If anyone wants to know which book, I will be happy to look)

I also went kinda 'Mother Earth'! My family is scratching their heads! I made my own laundry soap. Here is the process:
Grate 1/3 of a bar of soap. (there are others you can use, I will post the site where I found the instructions at the end of the post) I used Fels Naptha, found in the laundry aisle, not the soap aisle...
Dissolve it in 4 cups water on the stove, heat till melted. Add 1/2 cup washing soda (not BAKING soda) and then 1/2 cup borax (both found on the laundry aisle if your grocery has them). stir till dissolved.

pour mixture into a big bucket that has 1 3/4 gal of hot water and stir.

Let it sit over night and stir before using.

This is where I found these instructions. There is a dry detergent recipe there too. I made mine a couple days ago and am just trying it out today. No softener...just using white vinegar. No smell from the wash, just a light scent from the dryer sheet. I will let you know how I like it. I was having itchy skin problems. I am sure the dry winter weather has something to do with it too. We get single digit humidity levels. It also appeals to my CHEAP side! HA! Even with the old pot I bought just for melting the soap, I have barely $10 in this experiment. This bucket is suppose to last me about 2 months. I still have enough fels naptha for 2 more batches, and MANY more of the washing soda and borax.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Your rainbow is shaded blue.


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