Do you have a special piece of jewelry you wear daily? I do! WEDDING ring! Thats the most special of all...unfortuantely I am not wearing mine daily! I lost a small diamond chip a couple of months ago and had it reset. Since that time, I have lost two more stones from that ring. SIGH! It is going back to the jeweler SOON! I have a real affinity for charms. I had a gold charm bracelet my grandparents collected for me on their travels. It was very pretty, but I rarely wore it and it was stolen when our house was broken into soon after we moved in this house.

When I found a charm holder on a NECKLACE...well THAT was a different story! Here is the whole holder with the charms I wear daily. Tomorrow I will share the 1st one. Off to try my hand at quilting that group quilt!


Always wear my wedding and engagement ring, feel naked without them!!
Very impressed with the freehand quilting..and chasing raccoons at 6.30 am with no shoes for the blog!!
You sound like these kids and sports are keeping you busy, enjoy! Tracey

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