Well..the raccoon is still hanging around. Maybe I SHOULD let the dogs bark at him, could make him uncomfortable enuf to move along. I'll have to think about that.

More on our mini vacation. We stayed the night in Tucson after the Spring training game between the Diamondbacks and Rockies. Next morning, we turned our noses to the west and drove to San Diego. Usually when we to California, we go to the LA area. We have family and friends and friends that are LIKE family near LA. So San Diego is a bit out of our regular sphere. We spent one night in the downtown area so we could go see this:

The World Baseball Classic! :Japan vs Korea!
We talked the guy sitting next to us into taking our picture...look at ALL that long hair! And that is the SON! lolol

This is the Korean fans ...we got a taste of what a real Asian baseball game is like! But not the food...just regular American baseball food!


Sheila said…
Fantastic picture of the three of you!

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