Monday, January 29, 2007

Tag You're IT!

Tracey tagged me to tell you 2 things about me you don't I have been thinking...hmmm...How about this...

-I lived in Taiwan for about 2 ½ years when I was in elementary school. And when my husband and I first got married, we lived just outside Madrid, Spain for 5 years. Our oldest child , our daughter, was born there. Her original birth certificate is in Spanish. Her US birth certificate says "Live birth abroad" on it! That has always struck my funny bone for some reason!
-I'm a sports fan...ESPECIALLY baseball! I'm an Arizona Diamondback fan.My husband will call home from a trip, I have to tell him to 'CALL BACK! I'm watching the GAME!I have to fight for the TV tho, as my youngest child is a RABID member of the Red Sox Nation. I hear "MOM! The Diamondbacks STINK" every DAY during the season!

I'm out of energy today. Yesterday, we went to church, I dropped my son at home and got him settled. Headed out to teach my class (thankfully one I have taught before..and I only had 3 students.). I sewed with them! Cleaned up the class room after class and checked in with my husband. Our son had one more game to end the weekend tournament. That game was delayed and didn't end until after 8. We tried to stop for a bowl of soup , but the restaurant was closed. So Campbell's chicken noodle had to suffice. I had a small container of left over chicken , so that got dumped in to add a bit. As soon as my head hit that pillow, I SWEAR it was morning! I'm STILL tired! I'm off to wash a bit...and maybe get the rest of those HST finished!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

2000th visitor!

Thanks to all who visit! I just noticed my counter is at 2001! Not bad for a 'young' blog. My daughter's nose was out of joint...seems I get more visitors than she does...and SHE was the one who started me out! I told her she needs to COMMENT more! See...she CAN learn from her mom! HA! We are home from morning soccer tournament. I'm off to work on those HST and string blocks. I can also see a GLIMPSE of my frame table top! Could be I will get a quilt loaded this week....?

I'll try to post a picture tomorrow of my class. I'm teaching the Matchstick Marimba again (from the Allegro book by Terri Atkinson) I was SPOILED the 1st time : 11 students in 10 spots. This time I only have 3 signed up so I'm planning on taking my machine and sewing right along with them. I have 2 of these in the works, so we will work together! See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 26, 2007

experimenting with stamps

I had been toying around with an idea for labels for the HeartStrings group. I found some medium that makes regular paint into stamping medium. It said you can use fabric paint...and the idea kept rolling around in my brain. I bought one stamp that says BABY in blocks...for..well baby quilts! And here is a picture of my trial run. What do you think?

Here is the one I like best. It is simple..and I will keep my eye out for one I like better. I think this goes well with the simplicity of the string blocks. Input is welcome!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

wow HST everywhere!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post! Actually not much has been going on...not even sewing! I have been making more string big news is a challenge! I told a lady I teach with (garment class) about a blue feathered star that had caught my eye in this months Fons and Porter. I told her I would send her the link so she could see the picture too. By the time I got home to send it to her...she had bought the magazine too! We were both in love! (actually my friends would tell you ...I'm a sucker for anything BLUE...and even more so for feathered stars! This will be my 4th!) When I was in Central CA last fall, I had visited the Cotton Ball, a cute shop in Morro Bay. I picked up a few things...some FQs..and this is called Triangulations. The main reason I got it was it was on SALE...what a BARGAIN! You can print out HST papers in sizes from ½" finished to 3" various sizes. Fast forward to Jan...and each of these blocks (I'm making 6, my friend is making NINE!) EACH takes FORTY HST!! I only have 4 backgrounds picked for these so I sandwiched them last night and have them all stitched. Here are the 'sandwiches' and some blues for the rest of the blocks.

I saved what I trimmed off around the waste at all from between...and small stack to put in a dog bed! I have used pages like this before, but the freedom to print JUST what I need WHEN I need it is wonderful!

And here is half of what I sewed last night. Tomorrow is the local craft show. I will be on the prowl for 2 more FQ for the background. Sometimes shirting type fabrics are hard to come by. I hope to finish all the HST before starting the blocks to make them as scrappy looking as possible. I only have the centers , the kite shapes and a few diamonds for the pointy ends of the stars to cut. Since my son has a soccer tournament this weekend AND I teach a quilt class on Sunday, my sewing time could be limited. BUT where there is will there is a way..and where there is a BLUE Feathered Star, I'm raring to go!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You Are An ESFJ

The Caregiver

You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first.
A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change.
You love being in groups - whether you're helping people or working on a project.
You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people.

You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher.

They pegged me pretty well! My education is in nursing..but I have not worked in about 7 years. I have no desire to return ...Quilting keeps my mind occupied. :::grin:::

New Sewer

On Monday, since it was a holiday from school, a classmate of my 11 yr old son came to sew with me. She has been in my son's class since their 1st year in preschool. This year they are in different classes but the same grade at the same school. You know the old adage "There is a fine line between love and hate'? Well, these two live that adage EVERY DAY! It is so humorous. Her mom and I are convinced we will be in-laws someday.::::Grin:::: She has sewn with me just a few times before and its been at least 6 months. Seems like the day I can sew, she is busy and vice versa. Her first lessons were to 'sew' on paper to follow some lines I had drawn. Then she made a bag to keep her projects in. So on Monday we sewed..she made 3 string blocks (and wanted to hog ALL The nice brights I might add!).

Today she came after school and made one more string block and completed these shorts she had started on Monday.

She loved the string blocks as much as I do! I will give her the choice to keep them to make something for herself, or to add them to my growing pile. It WAS work to get set up, but we had fun. I am hoping to keep working on my studio so she can sew at my machine in there (instead of lugging it to the living room). Ideally she would sew, while I cut or quilt at the frame. We could be QUITE cozy in there!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

luggage tags

Elaine had showed some small quilty luggage tags on a post in Dec. These are what we use in our family for our luggage. My husband usually gets a new black rollalong about once a year. We 'inherit' his old never get any pretty lime green or cobalt blue! So I go all out with these...the yarns the limit!

You can see in the top picture the 'Knitting Knobby" ...I know it goes by other names. My mom called it that when she was a girl, so I guess I inherited THAT too! You knit a cord and then add a pompom on the end. I love the hot pink/lime green/turquoise ones. They really stand out on that black suitcase and I can see them at a distance. My only problem is that sometimes I lose a pompom~ and usually its the 1st trip that marker makes. I cannot figure out how to tie them on tighter. Maybe this time I will add a drop of fray check to hold it firm. Got any ideas?

The cord is a good airplane project ...I use a plastic needle and make the pompoms before or after the flight. A couple of times I really needed another Knobby tho...I have taught a couple of little girls in flight!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Here are a few of my 1st string blocks. They are like Lays potato chips! I can't make just one! I had planned to do these as leaders/enders..but THEY have become the project and my double 4 patch in RWB is my leaders /enders. They are so much fun! We got a new computer tower yesterday. I'm hoping that the uploading of my pictures will be MUCH easier!

I was cutting fabric for a class I'm teaching in Feb. My FIRST thought was "OH LOOK! more strings for HeartStrings! HA! I'm still trying to see my carpet. I saw a GLIMPSE of it, but dont' seem to be able to wade thru some of the papers. I have an old plastic crate I'm going to 'file' them in till I can get to them. They are weighing me down. Hope everyone is staying WARM!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wow! Someone saved my picture!

Just this past fall, I was contacted by my high school boyfriend. It was wonderful to hear from him and to know he was doing well. Today he sent me this picture he had found. It is me in 1975! It must be my senior picture. Not bad..HOWEVER...I don't look that good anymore! Gee I wish I had appreciated it more! At least I had gotten over my brown phase! While I really LIKE brown..I look much better in pink!!!

I have been working on what SHOULD be 2 leader/ender projects: String blocks for Heart strings and a double 4 patch in red/white/and blue. I have had so much fun with them..THEY are the main projects! I am also repairing a hole I made with my machine quilting. I learned a VERY valuable lesson : NEVER walk away from the machine with the needle DOWN. Lucky for me it is easily repaired. That is my hand work ..but it won't take long. Then I hope to prepare some applique for a take along kit. It REALLY helps to have it all ready to go. Maybe I will have some pictures tomorrow. I'm stuck at home from 1-5pm waiting for them to come install satellite in my studio. YIPPPEEE! Now I can watch while I sew. Happy camper...

I'm glad that the BCS football game is over. There were some protestors who walked RIGHT behind my house! I was not home..but my dogs SURE were tired when I got back. They were in the house (THANK jumps the fence!)but I have the feeling they were VERY busy with all those people behind THEIR yard! Here's looking forward to spring training and the start of baseball season! Go Diamondbacks!

Monday, January 08, 2007

First day back for school kids. YIPPEEE It was actually a very nice vacation.

Now THIS picture of my serger might not mean too much to you. BUT, I serge my fabric before I wash it. So this picture means~ all my fabric has been serged and washed....AND it means I'm being true to no-buy. This a HUGE deal. I was in the quilt shop twice this past week. Last Monday was Meet the Teacher. Since I have 2 classes on the books, that means I'M the a teacher. No fabric followed me home. ..big grin.... Friday was my Lunch Bunch. That is the name for my small quilt group. Once a month we meet just for lunch and show and tell (you don't think we would meet with OUT show and tell, do you??? UN American HA) The 2nd meeting , we meet at a local quilt shop. We bring machines or something to work on...oh and don't forget the potluck... and YES.. Show and tell. Friday there was a new bolt of a blue fabric and the design was silver. (did I mention this shop has a color of the month(20% off any fabric with that color)...and that I'm a BLUE girl....and that NONE of that fabric followed me home?) It was SO might be worth the penalty squares.

Blogger is being grumpy this morning...1st it didn't like my exclamtion points. If you met me you would know ...well...I kinda TALK in exclamtion points. Feel free to add them in anyplace you like...Now it won't publish know....:...geeze..what is next ..the dot dot dot? I will be lost....

If you are a sports fan, when you turn on the BCS bowl tonight? Wave to me...I'm about a mile or so from the stadium. When my son gets home from school, we are hunkering down for the night. Spagetti for him...and my studio for me. Sounds like a nice night to me...hehehehehehe

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1st project of the new year

Today I got to sew, but yesterday I used POWER TOOLS! I decided I needed a new ironing board cover. Not the fabric kind..the kind that makes the ironing board(which is meant for CLOTHING) into an ironing board for a quilter. Here are some pictures to get your started on your own. (or you could purchase one...I found it at the Houston quilt show for about $120. Mine was about $20 :::grin:::) I started with a sheet of 1/4 inch MDF. I had it cut at Home Depot...around 24 inches wide by 60 inches long. I think I would either go with a 1/2 in MDF..or maybe not make it quite as long. It is a bit 'flexie" on the ends. Lay it on the floor. Turn the ironing board over on it side to side and on the long ends.

Mark in 5 places along the sides with a pencil. Mark either side of the pointy end, either side of the parallel sides and one on the flat end. Cut "L" molding to fit on those sides. Use 2 screws for each piece. They don't have to go the whole side. (see picture of when they are screwed on.)

Pre drill and then screw each piece of molding. Be careful when choosing screws that they don't poke thru on the other side. Predrill holes doing thru is ok..not pokey ends of the screw- it will poke your fabric as you iron! ARRGGGHHH! Now it is time to cover it. Place fabric good side down with batting on top. I only used one layer of batting (Warm and Natural)..and now wish I had used TWO.

Trim the batting a bit smaller than the cover fabric. Turn the edges under and staple.

VOILA! Ironing board cover! I have also just done the top...with a removable pad. I have one of these with telescoping legs in my sewing room. I have the ability to iron on the whole table...or just cut. Mostly I cut on one end and iron on the other. It is set up JUST for my height and I rarely get the backache I had when I used the kitchen table. E-mail me if you have any questions..esp if I got the pictures out of order! Happy New Year!