Wow! Someone saved my picture!

Just this past fall, I was contacted by my high school boyfriend. It was wonderful to hear from him and to know he was doing well. Today he sent me this picture he had found. It is me in 1975! It must be my senior picture. Not bad..HOWEVER...I don't look that good anymore! Gee I wish I had appreciated it more! At least I had gotten over my brown phase! While I really LIKE brown..I look much better in pink!!!

I have been working on what SHOULD be 2 leader/ender projects: String blocks for Heart strings and a double 4 patch in red/white/and blue. I have had so much fun with them..THEY are the main projects! I am also repairing a hole I made with my machine quilting. I learned a VERY valuable lesson : NEVER walk away from the machine with the needle DOWN. Lucky for me it is easily repaired. That is my hand work ..but it won't take long. Then I hope to prepare some applique for a take along kit. It REALLY helps to have it all ready to go. Maybe I will have some pictures tomorrow. I'm stuck at home from 1-5pm waiting for them to come install satellite in my studio. YIPPPEEE! Now I can watch while I sew. Happy camper...

I'm glad that the BCS football game is over. There were some protestors who walked RIGHT behind my house! I was not home..but my dogs SURE were tired when I got back. They were in the house (THANK jumps the fence!)but I have the feeling they were VERY busy with all those people behind THEIR yard! Here's looking forward to spring training and the start of baseball season! Go Diamondbacks!


Elaine Adair said…
Oh cute picture! Hey, no current picture? Not fair! (more exclamation points, also)

I'm also working on string quilts for Heartstrings Project... hope I can give away my current project - it's different, and again, my current favorite.
Bingo~Bonnie said…
I can’t imagine what it would be like to talk to an old high school boyfriend…. Although I do talk everyday to my most serious high school fling – the love of my life from Senior year until today – we married! :c)

But there was one guy a year younger than me from my Biology class whom I never dated but had a serious crush on for over a year and we were good friends and spoke every night on the phone. Hummmm… I wonder where he is now and how he is doing. When my mother died in 99 I remember a lady coming thru the receiving line that was not familiar to me – at first I thought she may be someone my parents knew… as I had never seen her before – but it was his mother! He had heard about my mom’s passing and asked her to come on his behalf! That floored me b/c I had not seen or talked to him in over 7 years! I do not recall now anything she told me about him or where he is… I was sort of numb during that time, but it did mean a lot to me that he would ask her to come and tell me he was thinking of me. Something I will treasure forever. ~Bonnie
Anonymous said…
I love old pics! I have one on the blog from 1982 and can't believe I have the same haircut now. Sigh!
Yours is great!
Anonymous said…
Don't look that good any more ... Beth, you look better than ever now.
old high school, well, maybe not boyfriend but definate crush ... Bill

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