wow HST everywhere!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post! Actually not much has been going on...not even sewing! I have been making more string big news is a challenge! I told a lady I teach with (garment class) about a blue feathered star that had caught my eye in this months Fons and Porter. I told her I would send her the link so she could see the picture too. By the time I got home to send it to her...she had bought the magazine too! We were both in love! (actually my friends would tell you ...I'm a sucker for anything BLUE...and even more so for feathered stars! This will be my 4th!) When I was in Central CA last fall, I had visited the Cotton Ball, a cute shop in Morro Bay. I picked up a few things...some FQs..and this is called Triangulations. The main reason I got it was it was on SALE...what a BARGAIN! You can print out HST papers in sizes from ½" finished to 3" various sizes. Fast forward to Jan...and each of these blocks (I'm making 6, my friend is making NINE!) EACH takes FORTY HST!! I only have 4 backgrounds picked for these so I sandwiched them last night and have them all stitched. Here are the 'sandwiches' and some blues for the rest of the blocks.

I saved what I trimmed off around the waste at all from between...and small stack to put in a dog bed! I have used pages like this before, but the freedom to print JUST what I need WHEN I need it is wonderful!

And here is half of what I sewed last night. Tomorrow is the local craft show. I will be on the prowl for 2 more FQ for the background. Sometimes shirting type fabrics are hard to come by. I hope to finish all the HST before starting the blocks to make them as scrappy looking as possible. I only have the centers , the kite shapes and a few diamonds for the pointy ends of the stars to cut. Since my son has a soccer tournament this weekend AND I teach a quilt class on Sunday, my sewing time could be limited. BUT where there is will there is a way..and where there is a BLUE Feathered Star, I'm raring to go!


Su Bee said…
I saw that quilt too -- it's gorgeous! I can't qwait to see yours -- you go girl!
What absolutely fabulous papers, that is definitely a CD I would use, I can see you have jumped right into this challenge!
ForestJane said…
My gawd, your garbage looks EXACTLY like my garbage... LOL

We're even both making blue hst's!

But I just use either corel or msWord to draw mine, no CD here.
Susan said…
I also like blue, enjoy the Cotton Boll, and love my Triangulations 2.0 software! =)

My best friend lives in CA, and we have taken so many trips from LA to San Jose, or LA to Bend, OR, or LA to somewhere, we know all the shops along the way - and out of the way!

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