New Sewer

On Monday, since it was a holiday from school, a classmate of my 11 yr old son came to sew with me. She has been in my son's class since their 1st year in preschool. This year they are in different classes but the same grade at the same school. You know the old adage "There is a fine line between love and hate'? Well, these two live that adage EVERY DAY! It is so humorous. Her mom and I are convinced we will be in-laws someday.::::Grin:::: She has sewn with me just a few times before and its been at least 6 months. Seems like the day I can sew, she is busy and vice versa. Her first lessons were to 'sew' on paper to follow some lines I had drawn. Then she made a bag to keep her projects in. So on Monday we sewed..she made 3 string blocks (and wanted to hog ALL The nice brights I might add!).

Today she came after school and made one more string block and completed these shorts she had started on Monday.

She loved the string blocks as much as I do! I will give her the choice to keep them to make something for herself, or to add them to my growing pile. It WAS work to get set up, but we had fun. I am hoping to keep working on my studio so she can sew at my machine in there (instead of lugging it to the living room). Ideally she would sew, while I cut or quilt at the frame. We could be QUITE cozy in there!


Sweet P said…
Those are great string blocks. How cool to have a young lady to engage in sewing. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. What does your son do when his friend is sewing with you?
Mary said…
Glad you're recruiting some young talent. Melva's got her husband making blocks too. If my son still lived at home he would make some but I don't think I'll be able to suck Keith into the string block frenzy!

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