Tag You're IT!

Tracey tagged me to tell you 2 things about me you don't know...so I have been thinking...hmmm...How about this...

-I lived in Taiwan for about 2 ½ years when I was in elementary school. And when my husband and I first got married, we lived just outside Madrid, Spain for 5 years. Our oldest child , our daughter, was born there. Her original birth certificate is in Spanish. Her US birth certificate says "Live birth abroad" on it! That has always struck my funny bone for some reason!
-I'm a sports fan...ESPECIALLY baseball! I'm an Arizona Diamondback fan.My husband will call home from a trip, I have to tell him to 'CALL BACK! I'm watching the GAME!I have to fight for the TV tho, as my youngest child is a RABID member of the Red Sox Nation. I hear "MOM! The Diamondbacks STINK" every DAY during the season!

I'm out of energy today. Yesterday, we went to church, I dropped my son at home and got him settled. Headed out to teach my class (thankfully one I have taught before..and I only had 3 students.). I sewed with them! Cleaned up the class room after class and checked in with my husband. Our son had one more game to end the weekend tournament. That game was delayed and didn't end until after 8. We tried to stop for a bowl of soup , but the restaurant was closed. So Campbell's chicken noodle had to suffice. I had a small container of left over chicken , so that got dumped in to add a bit. As soon as my head hit that pillow, I SWEAR it was morning! I'm STILL tired! I'm off to wash a bit...and maybe get the rest of those HST finished!


Sweet P said…
Your youngest child is smart! I'm a member of Red Sox nation too. Although I also like the Minnesota Twins (I grew up in Minnesota)
Susan said…
Hey, the Diamondbacks can't stink! They are the only team ever to win the world series in their first 3 years of existence!

Yeah, also a former AZ resident and a Dbacks fan!
Susan said…
Oh, and mother of a child whose birth cert. reads "live birth abroad" also.

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