luggage tags

Elaine had showed some small quilty luggage tags on a post in Dec. These are what we use in our family for our luggage. My husband usually gets a new black rollalong about once a year. We 'inherit' his old never get any pretty lime green or cobalt blue! So I go all out with these...the yarns the limit!

You can see in the top picture the 'Knitting Knobby" ...I know it goes by other names. My mom called it that when she was a girl, so I guess I inherited THAT too! You knit a cord and then add a pompom on the end. I love the hot pink/lime green/turquoise ones. They really stand out on that black suitcase and I can see them at a distance. My only problem is that sometimes I lose a pompom~ and usually its the 1st trip that marker makes. I cannot figure out how to tie them on tighter. Maybe this time I will add a drop of fray check to hold it firm. Got any ideas?

The cord is a good airplane project ...I use a plastic needle and make the pompoms before or after the flight. A couple of times I really needed another Knobby tho...I have taught a couple of little girls in flight!


Angie said…
What a CUTE idea, Beth! Thanks for sharing that one with us. ;)
Faith said…
what a great idea I remember my mum making me a pom pom hat in the 1970s in plain mucky brown colour and I shall never forget it, i counted my blessing I only had to wear this pompom hat in the dark when mum had to drag me along dog walking. These pompoms look exciting and colourful, what a great idea this is, so that you know your case is "mine mine mine"
meggie said…
Hi, thankyou for visiting my blog! I just found yours, & have enjoyed the visit.
good idea for the tags for bags! It can get very confusing with a ton of baggage to spy out.

Take care of those dogs, dont startle them too much!
Mine love to bark at visitors, & we are trying to teach them not to.. but we do want warning of intruders??
Elaine Adair said…
Woo hoo - great luggage dingle dangles! I don't knit - every time I see yarn, I wish I did.

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