2000th visitor!

Thanks to all who visit! I just noticed my counter is at 2001! Not bad for a 'young' blog. My daughter's nose was out of joint...seems I get more visitors than she does...and SHE was the one who started me out! I told her she needs to COMMENT more! See...she CAN learn from her mom! HA! We are home from morning soccer tournament. I'm off to work on those HST and string blocks. I can also see a GLIMPSE of my frame table top! Could be I will get a quilt loaded this week....?

I'll try to post a picture tomorrow of my class. I'm teaching the Matchstick Marimba again (from the Allegro book by Terri Atkinson) I was SPOILED the 1st time : 11 students in 10 spots. This time I only have 3 signed up so I'm planning on taking my machine and sewing right along with them. I have 2 of these in the works, so we will work together! See you tomorrow!


Well done on the 2000, I'm tagging you to reveal at least 2 things we don't know about you to commemorate. I had great fun when i did that. I'll be back to check!!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the 2001 visitors! I think it freaked out hubby when mine got up that high. I had to start "talking in code" to make him confortable about me having a blog. It's a small price to pay.
The Legal Adult's nose got out of joint, too. But his was more about me talking about him. He doesn't mind if I post his picture, but he doesn't want anyone to hear the stories behind them. Oh, well...

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