Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Got Fabric?

This is my favorite t-shirt. I bought it the last time I attended the quilt show in Houston. Got Fabric? you DO? well..then what are you doing reading my blog? GO SEW! Happy New Year! ( I am not sure what that spot is...I just cannot get thru the day with out getting SOMETHING on me! Most of the time, its dog hair!)

have you tried this?

I just found a Quilty name generator! Good fun! It called me..wait..I had to write it down. I almost fell off my chair...hehehehehe

Hot Mama of Artsy Fanciful Quilts

TA DA! All I need now is some kind of scepter or tiara! If you would like to try it,here is the link:Quilty Name generator

Anyone sewing today? I will be! I have two football games to watch...My Alma mater, Vanderbilt is playing against Boston College (uh oh! my kiddo swears he will play for the Boston Red Sox AND attend Boston College at the SAME TIME! This is a kid that has lived in Arizona all of his life but the 1st 4 MONTHS! Where did he get this obsession with BOSTON???) I smell a small uprising! If you see smoke coming from our direction, send HELP! lolol The 2nd bowl game involves the Air Force Academy. My husband and my daughter both gradutated from AFA. (My dad is a West Point grad...smell another uprising???) I am going to run to the base today to see if I can get my laptop fixed. I can sign on to my home router, but cannot get on the internet. FRUSTRATING! It would be nice to have to connections again. I have to SHARE with two MEN....:::SIGH::::

update: I tried the name generator again and I got:

Dutchess of Can't see a Darn Thing!

I guess if you are 51 and wear TRI focal glasses, this FITS! It must be ME!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Somedays I'm a good mom...and somedays...well, lets just say I'm a work in progress! (I'm a WIP!...good quilty term!) I think today I'm a good mom...

look what I let my kiddo put up.

Here is a closer view.

YES I'm Diamondback fan...but sometimes a good mom has to put up with her kids...individualism! TODAY I'm a good mom.

Monday, December 29, 2008


I didn't get as many rolls made this year...I even had a couple batches that I could not deliver. I went to those houses twice and no one home. I need to start out earlier next year. Our closest neighbors spent their holiday at a mountain cabin, so I thought I would make a batch for them they are returning today (much to my kiddo's DELIGHT...their oldest is his best friend)

I put the first sheet in...and FORGOT them!

Anyone need BROWN HOCKEY PUCKS???? HA! I think I need a break from making rolls!

Sew Along Step 6

ready for another step? Well, here goes:

Take your red and white sections pieced from step 5, the extra background 3 1/2 inch squares and the yellow 3 1/2 inch squares. You will be sewing them into a nine patch.

To make matching seams easier, on the top and bottom rows of the block, iron the seam toward the background block. On the middle row, iron the seams toward the yellow center block. This will help you 'lock' those seams into place. It decreases the bulk you need to sew over and gives a nicer appeareance when you are finished pressing.

You will end up with 12 finshed blocks. All we have left to do are the side triangles! Way to go! We will get started on those right after New Years Day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do you like to personalize things just for YOU? I do! I have vanity plate on my van...and when I saw Vivian's blog today, I burst out laughing! Check out the last one! I have not tried any of these yet, but I will..oh yes I WILL! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I will be back tomorrow with the next step in the sew along. I"m running out to WalMart do get some more wire cube shelves for my studio. If I dont' get organized in there, I will NEVER get anything done!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Do you ever have days that nothing seems to get done? I think that is the theme of my days lately. Yesterday I fused a couple more t-shirts for a quilt I doing. Remind me not to offer to do these again unless the recipient agrees to fuse the shirts THEMSELF. It does not help that the setting they picked out will not lend itself nicely to these shirts. The blocks in the quilt they picked are square. The shirts will be closer to rectangle. I will e-mail the couple and set up a time so we can talk about layout. I'm trying VALIANTLY not to work on something else. I also have a huge pile of firefighter work shirts on my kitchen counter. maybe tonight I will get a few more fused....slowly....slowly...that pile gets smaller!

I did find a yummy cookie recipe on The Pioneer Woman for chocolate candy cane cookies. I won't be able to make them today...but they are in my future...oh, YES they are! IF you run over to her site today, she is giving away THREE Kitchen Aid mixers! I would love one...cobalt or red? If I win, you can help me decide!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Canine update

Thanks Jill for asking about Rookie...He acts like he never left! My husband was out of town when I found out I was getting the dog back. I had taken our son to soccer practice, and my husband arrived at home before we got back. I called him to find out how Rookie had greeted him. "Just like I saw him this morning'" says my hubby.

This is what it looks like as I sit at the computer:

This one to my left

This one under my feet

And last but not least, this one just behind me. I'm still leashing him...we are not TRULY reliable in the house yet! And its raining too...something my AZ dogs don't see much of! They say "WE DONT" LIKE IT!" lolol

They are learning to like having an extra 'brother'. Rally, the terrier of undetermined lineage, loves to play. Rookie, will play with him..but sometimes under duress. Buddy, the puppy, loves to play now Rookie can just sit and roll his eyes while the other two wrestle! I'm working on keeping those two from chasing the cat...I"m not winning that battle! Poor kitty!

I"m working on posting every day hopefully I will see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

opinion please!

I'm starting to plan a quilt for my prodigal dog's rescuer. Do you think a quilt with just a dog block on the back? Or I have these two patterns in my file:

This one is pieced.

This one is paper pieced.

I could use either one easily on the back...Do you think they are too 'cutesy' for a man? I have lots of nice blues...browns....rusts...good colors for a man...just what pattern...Thanks for stopping by and giving me your ideas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sew along Step 5

place one red square in the corner of one 3 1/2 inch back ground sq. You are going to sew the diagonal of the red sq from the middle of the background sq to the middle of the background sq. You can either:
1. mark the diagonal with a pencil and sew on that line.

place a piece of tape (I have used blue painters tape in the picture. Is there anything better than blue painters tape? I LOVE the stuff!) Line up the edge of the tape with your needle. Use the edge of the tape as a guide to keep the front point of your fabric straight. See the end of that purple thang (yes that REALLY is the name of that purple gadget you see in the picture! My other fav thing!) If you keep the point on that blue edge, you will have a nice straight seam w/o marking. I use both..just depends on how fussy I want to be! Really, you don't need to mark.

You will do this on the opposite side.

After you have sewn them, you will trim your seam allowance to 1/4. This is what it looks like before ironing. You will need 48 of these squares. Press the seam to the red side. (sorry I forgot to get a picture of this section of the block! I will have to take a close up of the top tomorrow....Could you use your imagination till then? THANKS!)

Update: Here is a picture of the finished section:

sorry it is blurry. I had to block out the rest of the quilt top for you to see
this one area. you will need 48 of these sections.

Monday, December 01, 2008

My Christmas Miracle

I know you all were thinking of me last summer when my
border collie, Rookie went missing. I had many sleepless
nights and days of tears. Today, was a true miracle. I have had
a ...icky year in many ways. I have been disappointed in an
old friendship, not once but twice, my daughter had a major
disappointment at work, our son broke up with his girl friend of
over 3 years. Nothing MAJOR...we are all healthy. And Rookie,
he was SO abused when we got him. It took us over 6 months before
he would even be in the same house with our older (read: tall and
wears a baseball cap) son. In August he went missing during a
thunderstorm. When I left, he was in my house. When I came home, he
was NOT.
Today, he IS in my house!

I got a phone call today from an animal hospital. A nice man had found him living
in a vacant lot next to his house. It took him this long to gain his trust, get a
collar on him and take him to the vet. A scan of his microchip...and a phone call..and he is HOME! My poor husband! I promised SO faithfully that I would only
have 2 dogs. I waited almost 4 months! And now we have 3 waggly tails and 12 doggy paws. just put a bow on each furry head. That is all the Christmas present I could
ask for.

Thank you all for you kind thoughts and prayers. Today I am blessed.