Do you ever have days that nothing seems to get done? I think that is the theme of my days lately. Yesterday I fused a couple more t-shirts for a quilt I doing. Remind me not to offer to do these again unless the recipient agrees to fuse the shirts THEMSELF. It does not help that the setting they picked out will not lend itself nicely to these shirts. The blocks in the quilt they picked are square. The shirts will be closer to rectangle. I will e-mail the couple and set up a time so we can talk about layout. I'm trying VALIANTLY not to work on something else. I also have a huge pile of firefighter work shirts on my kitchen counter. maybe tonight I will get a few more fused....slowly....slowly...that pile gets smaller!

I did find a yummy cookie recipe on The Pioneer Woman for chocolate candy cane cookies. I won't be able to make them today...but they are in my future...oh, YES they are! IF you run over to her site today, she is giving away THREE Kitchen Aid mixers! I would love one...cobalt or red? If I win, you can help me decide!


Oh, I am putzing today as well...so much i want to get done and I would rather doze on the couch!
I am having a good catch up...are you telling me that just after you gave up and got a new dog they old one camer back...isn't that just Murphy's law!! But so great to have him returned, Tracey

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