My Christmas Miracle

I know you all were thinking of me last summer when my
border collie, Rookie went missing. I had many sleepless
nights and days of tears. Today, was a true miracle. I have had
a ...icky year in many ways. I have been disappointed in an
old friendship, not once but twice, my daughter had a major
disappointment at work, our son broke up with his girl friend of
over 3 years. Nothing MAJOR...we are all healthy. And Rookie,
he was SO abused when we got him. It took us over 6 months before
he would even be in the same house with our older (read: tall and
wears a baseball cap) son. In August he went missing during a
thunderstorm. When I left, he was in my house. When I came home, he
was NOT.
Today, he IS in my house!

I got a phone call today from an animal hospital. A nice man had found him living
in a vacant lot next to his house. It took him this long to gain his trust, get a
collar on him and take him to the vet. A scan of his microchip...and a phone call..and he is HOME! My poor husband! I promised SO faithfully that I would only
have 2 dogs. I waited almost 4 months! And now we have 3 waggly tails and 12 doggy paws. just put a bow on each furry head. That is all the Christmas present I could
ask for.

Thank you all for you kind thoughts and prayers. Today I am blessed.


QuiltingFitzy said…
I bet you can hardly believe it!


I can only imagine that Rookie is as happy as you all are. I'm happy too.
kutiekare said…
Congratulations on your Christmas miracle! How precious that you got Rookie back after all this time. How is he doing? Is he happy to be home?
Enjoy your gifts!
Jeanne said…
What a wonderful gift for you! I'm sure he will enjoy the extra loving he's going to get to make up for the time he was away. I'm so glad this had a happy ending.
Yay! That's so wonderful! I'm so glad he's ok and home again!
swooze said…
How wonderful! Did you ever figure out how he got out?
Jen said…
O M G!!! As soon as you said christmas Miracle I had a feeling!! I can't even tell you how happy this makes me - except that I'm a dog lover so you DO know I'm sure!! OMG OMG OMG!!!
jillquilts said…
OMG! Jen just told me and I had to come and read the post for myself! How happy he must be to be home again! I couldn't imagine losing one of my little pups and my heart just hurt for you when he turned up missing! Enjoy him!!! Hurray!!!
That is just wonderful and what a perfect Christmas miracle. There will be happy dancing going on in your house with all those happy little feet. Give him a hug from me.
Colleen said…
What a wonderful Christmas gift! I'm so happy for you.
Nancy said…
I'm so happy you have your baby home! It was fun having lunch today, and I'm looking forward to viewing your blog. How come I didn't know you had one????
Beth said…
That so rocks! I am so happy for you I could cry!
Chocolate Cat said…
Oh my goodness that is the most wonderful news. I'm sure you haven't stopped smiling.
Michele said…
Oh HAPPY day - I'm sure your DH will get used to the slightly larger family :)
Angie said…
Oh Beth, this brings tears to my eyes! I can hardly believe that he's HOME!!! Oh girl, I'm beside myself for you!! Merry merry Christmas, sweetie!!
Tanya said…

I'm just getting around to reading blogs and I come up with this miracle of miracles!!!!!!! Thank you Lord! Thank you for your blessings and for caring for Rookie all these months!!!! Thank you for this family and the man who found him and the micro-chip!!!! Thank you that Rookie has new family members he'll learn to love! Oh, Bless Beth and give her strength and help in getting all of these furry family members adjusted!!!!!

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