opinion please!

I'm starting to plan a quilt for my prodigal dog's rescuer. Do you think a quilt with just a dog block on the back? Or I have these two patterns in my file:

This one is pieced.

This one is paper pieced.

I could use either one easily on the back...Do you think they are too 'cutesy' for a man? I have lots of nice blues...browns....rusts...good colors for a man...just what pattern...Thanks for stopping by and giving me your ideas!


Anonymous said…
I vote the first one...the dogs resemble your prodigal dog and I love the dog bones and cute pieced border! Merry Christmas from Lakewood!
Mary said…
either are great, but i favor the first one too. Don't know exactly why. maybe it's the bones the rescuer so nicely provided for your dear dog while he was missing.

enjoy Christmas with your miracle dog and the other 2 also.

Celtic Heart said…
No bones about it, I like the top one :)

What a sweet idea. Just to be different, I vote for the second one, the paper-pieced one. Use real-dog colors and it won't be too cute.

Word verification: comin. As in, your dog was comin home, you just didn't know it.
By the way, what's the name of that second one? I think I might like to add it to my collection of quilts-that-I-think-I-will-make-someday-but-probably-won't.

WV: billo. When you stuff all the bills that came into the mail into a trash bag and the bag is so full it looks like a pillow.
jillquilts said…
I was going to say that I didn't have an opinion, but I prefer the first one, too. What a great way to honor the finder!
Alycia said…
My first thought is the top one. I don't know why - I just like it the best.
Jen said…
I think they're both great. I think it's wonderful that you're going to do something for him. I know how much you appreciate him for finding and taking care of Rookie
Pat said…
I vote for the first one, too. What a wonderful way to say, 'Thank You' for keeping Rookie safe.
Tanya said…
Hmmm. I like the second one but that's because I like combinations of dogs and cats and I know you're not planning to do a cat too. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt and block.
Jennifer said…
I think they are both great and you are great for thanking him this way. What a relief to have your pup back and happy at the computer with you.

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