Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to my only daughter!

Who ARE these young people? and WHY are they holding my daughter!? (that is the dress my mom put ME in when I had my 1st Christmas. I hope I still have it packed away someplace!

Today is a very good day for me. I know there is bad history on this day..but in my date is VERY special! I'm so proud of her. She has done things that most women would never dream of. I can honestly say she is my hero! And next week I get to hug on her!

Wasn't she sweet!? She still IS..but strong too. I would not want to cross way no how! Happy Birthday! (You didn't think you would slide by on this day, did you Chicpilot?) hehehehehehehehe!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

lost camera cord!

I have misplaced about 5 'absolute MUST HAVES' including the cord to recharge my digital camera...and my GOOD SEWING SCISSORS :::deep slow breath::: I did find the charging cord (and I promptly put a label on it so I know what it is next time!). All I can say about the scissors is that I'm glad I do most of my cutting with a rotary cutter!

My little sewer was here yesterday. I think I'm having a bad influence on her....::sniff::: Last week we shopped at the local JoAnns for her next project. Many weeks we cannot get out to shop, so the thinking was that we would have a project or two to work on without another trip. She is working on a Chinese Coin baby quilt (picture when she gets sashing in between) with pjs and a surprise for her mom to follow. She came in yesterday..." I know what I want to do for my next project!" What?...One of the teacher's wife is going to have a baby. Can we do a baby quilt?...Sure...when is the baby due? "oh in about a WEEK!" FAINT! (Can you say U F O!!??) Luckily for ME, I remembered what I call a 'cheater' I Spy. The fabrics in the blocks are all different, but they are not the hexagonal shape of the original I Spy quilt. I had a pile of sqs cut and she was able to pick from that. I only had to cut a few more along with the corner sqs while she sewed what was already to go. Here are the blocks on the design wall:

We paid no mind to directional any way is the right way on this quick quilt. After I trimmed off the corner triangles, frugal quilter I am...I sewed them up quick (yes all 50!)

you know it takes so little to amuse me...I used both sides of my ¼ inch foot and 'nested' the points of these as I chain stitched. I have been frustrated before trying to get the points of triangles as close together as I can ..only to find I have actually sewed them together...As I said...easily amused!

Tomorrow I will show you what I have been using as my take along project. My son is doing two sports at once. Not many afternoons at home at the sewing machine!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sweet quilt...

This is a top that was donated to my favorite quilt shop. The shop then asked customers, if they wanted, to take home orphan blocks, tops or fabric and return completed quilts. These will be donated to charities picked by the shop. This top was probably pieced by another customer.

This is a close up of one type of block. I have seen this 3D bowtie before, but never felt the need to know how to make one. I found a tutorial for one if you would like to make it. I can just see a small child sticking their fingers into each side!

This is the other block. The fabrics don't match...but all the solid blocks do. I think some child will love this. I hope so!

here is the back...

Can you tell I loaded the backing on sideways...ran out and had to piece the last bit!!??? All I live and learn! On to quilt the one ON the frame!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


My other favorite cartoon is Zits. Here is todays' offering...again Husband concurs!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Prickly pear cacti

I had made my mom a really pretty sweatshirt jacket with a reverse applique of a Christmas tree..this is the fabric I used...

Here is a prickly pear cactus. This one lives under a tree in our front yard. (yes, we have trees, rain, and even mountains and snow in Arizona! As well as that big hole in the ground ....hehehehehe)

After I told my mom FAITHFULLY that prickly pears NEVER have this color blossom...LOOK what I found when I went out to the mailbox!!??

Isn't it amazing that in a dry hot place like this, you can see something as pretty as this flower? I will post this cacti again ....if it blooms like last year- it

The Boys of Summer

Sunday may have just been April Fool's Day at YOUR house, BUT at MY house it was also the 1st day of Major League Baseball AND Little League. If you have ever lived in a house with an 11 yr old rabid member of the Red Sox Nation and/or a husband who played college ball, you will know my predicament! The men left a bit early for warm ups for the 1st game of the season. I followed later only to see this:

They had tagged him to umpire. It is getting harder to find anyone who is willing (or able!) to volunteer to umpire. I think he looks cute in shorts and his ump gear! I made the mistake of asking him (when he was peering at his ball/strike counter) if he wanted his new glasses! (hint: don't EVER ask an ump if he needs glasses! ROTLF) He told the Little League president (son's previous Sunday School teacher) to eject the heckler! HA! I told him no dessert when HE got home Mister!

Here are both of them...son as catcher and husband as ump. I think its priceless! What do you think?