lost camera cord!

I have misplaced about 5 'absolute MUST HAVES' including the cord to recharge my digital camera...and my GOOD SEWING SCISSORS :::deep slow breath::: I did find the charging cord (and I promptly put a label on it so I know what it is next time!). All I can say about the scissors is that I'm glad I do most of my cutting with a rotary cutter!

My little sewer was here yesterday. I think I'm having a bad influence on her....::sniff::: Last week we shopped at the local JoAnns for her next project. Many weeks we cannot get out to shop, so the thinking was that we would have a project or two to work on without another trip. She is working on a Chinese Coin baby quilt (picture when she gets sashing in between) with pjs and a surprise for her mom to follow. She came in yesterday..." I know what I want to do for my next project!" What?...One of the teacher's wife is going to have a baby. Can we do a baby quilt?...Sure...when is the baby due? "oh in about a WEEK!" FAINT! (Can you say U F O!!??) Luckily for ME, I remembered what I call a 'cheater' I Spy. The fabrics in the blocks are all different, but they are not the hexagonal shape of the original I Spy quilt. I had a pile of sqs cut and she was able to pick from that. I only had to cut a few more along with the corner sqs while she sewed what was already to go. Here are the blocks on the design wall:

We paid no mind to directional prints...so any way is the right way on this quick quilt. After I trimmed off the corner triangles, frugal quilter I am...I sewed them up quick (yes all 50!)

you know it takes so little to amuse me...I used both sides of my ¼ inch foot and 'nested' the points of these as I chain stitched. I have been frustrated before trying to get the points of triangles as close together as I can ..only to find I have actually sewed them together...As I said...easily amused!

Tomorrow I will show you what I have been using as my take along project. My son is doing two sports at once. Not many afternoons at home at the sewing machine!


Tanya said…
Never thought of using both sides of my presser foot! Must try this on my next chain stitching project! What a good MOM!
Beth said…
Wow, I never thought of doing that, either. Beth, you're a credit to OUR name! LOL!
And I think it's a cool quilt!

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