The Boys of Summer

Sunday may have just been April Fool's Day at YOUR house, BUT at MY house it was also the 1st day of Major League Baseball AND Little League. If you have ever lived in a house with an 11 yr old rabid member of the Red Sox Nation and/or a husband who played college ball, you will know my predicament! The men left a bit early for warm ups for the 1st game of the season. I followed later only to see this:

They had tagged him to umpire. It is getting harder to find anyone who is willing (or able!) to volunteer to umpire. I think he looks cute in shorts and his ump gear! I made the mistake of asking him (when he was peering at his ball/strike counter) if he wanted his new glasses! (hint: don't EVER ask an ump if he needs glasses! ROTLF) He told the Little League president (son's previous Sunday School teacher) to eject the heckler! HA! I told him no dessert when HE got home Mister!

Here are both of them...son as catcher and husband as ump. I think its priceless! What do you think?


Sweet P said…
A fellow Red Sox fan! I hope your son isn't too depressed with their bad start yesterday. I am a Red Sox fan too.

Great picture of DH and son! It is priceless.
Patti said…
Absolutely priceless! I'm sorry your Sox lost but thrilled with the job done by our King Felix!
Beth said…
Oh I never said I was a Red Sox fan!!! (altho when we WENT to Fenway...I could not resist. History OOZES out of that ballpark.) Nooo..THIS blogger is a DIAMONDBACK fan...:::grin::::
Linda_J said…
I love baseball but I'm a Cards fan through and through.

I loved your baseball story--eject the heckler and no dessert! Too funny.
Beth said…
I love baseball, too, but I'm a dyed in the wool Atlanta Braves fan. My dream is to meet John Smoltz before he retires.

Hubby does look cute in his uniform!
Jo-Ann said…
Beth: love the pic of dh - you have to admit he's a good sport.
I think the Red Sox are going to have a good year - BIG RED SOX FAMN HERE!!!!!!!
Priceless alright... the things a dad has to do! tracey
chic[k]pilot said…
Those are great.... can I get a copy??

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