Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 finishes and a mailing!

Boy...for someone who moves as slowly as I seem to, yesterday I was at BLAZING speed! I finished up this:

A commission quilt I"m ashamed to tell you how long I have had. Anyway, its done and delivered. They really liked it.

#2 I wrapped presents and mailed the box. This is a BIG see...I'm mailing impaired. I dont' know what it is...but I have a hard time getting things ready AND mailed. I can either get them ready...OR mail them...not both. Its some kind of syndrome...

#3 I applied blanket binding to a minkee backed sheet my friend quilted on my Gammill. My friend is NOT a sewer...she was overwhelmed by the size of poor Lucy!

Does she look like she is petrified? She did a great job. I would post a picture of the finished product, but the battery on the camera died and its recharging...

Merry Christmas my blog friends!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The class sample top is done!

Even in my sniffly stuffy fog, I could PIECE. I won't say much for my cutting. And I SURELY could not quilt. I can just imagine the nasty quilting line with my deep cough! After a pretty sluggish day yesterday, I actually feel much better today. I helped deliver Christmas gifts to the preschool class my son's soccer team adopted. I hit the quilt shop to show the teacher coordinator the top (she loved it) and I picked up some backing fabric from the sale table. Then it was off to the grocery store. By the time I made it home around 2:45, I was pretty much toast. After a short break tho, I rallied. I made dinner, put groceries away and ::::Drum roll please::: I QUILTED! YIPPPEEE! I hope to make good progress tomorrow. I only have about one more pass in both thread colors. Then I can try my hand at binding on the long arm! I watched a video of it on MQR and it looks do-able!

What do you think of Fire Escape? I enjoyed making it.(the turquoise is actually a bit darker than it shows in the picture.) I did get confused piecing some of those rows. I hope I can give my students some tips to stay organized. I think I'm going to stash dive and piece a patriotic one as a sample in class. When I pull colors, I will post them and you can tell me what you think.

I noticed that my counter is getting closer and closer to 30,000 visitors. I think I better scare up a give away to celebrate!

Tomorrow I am having breakfast with a quilty friend. Today I ran into a lady who used to come to Lunch Bunch! She was so happy to see me, she hugged me! She was very interested in my quilting...and I think she will ask me to quilt for her when I'm ready. After my success today, I am hopeful I will be on my way soon. I just have to figure out the business part. That is just what I'm not great at! See you tomorrow!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I"m still here!

After you were SO kind and letting me vent about the know Murphy's Law? I got the 1st pattern I ordered...and 2 days later I got the one I ordered from a different source. Yep...I have TWO. BUT...I still have not been charged for the 1ST one! And you KNOW that the 1st born in me has to play by the rules. I still need to get my DH to check our credit card statement. If I have not been charged, I'm obligated to make a copy of everything...the order, the charge (for the pattern I got but am not teaching)...and including the $9. Its just me. I cannot take something I have not paid for.

On the quilting front. I'm still working on the t-shirt quilt. I had a titch of tension problems...and I'm sick. Somehow I am not sure I can quilt while I'm hacking a lung out. Its just me! I HAVE been working on the class sample and it is in rows ready to be pieced into a top. I hope to sew a bit tomorrow. My ribs are SO sore from coughing yesterday. I'm better my husband is home. I'm not sure I will be able to sleep in the same bed...I may have to sleep in the chair. He thinks I'm coughing in his direction. (I could say more...but I think I will stop now).

I promise pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

class sample

I have only taught a couple of classes at my favorite shop...but I am not going to teach again there for a couple of reasons:

I'm not an employee. This causes a couple of problems. The employees have 1st pick of dates and classes. I asked numerous times for guidance on what they wanted taught. NADA...Then when I would bring in ideas, the scheduler either didn't like it, there was no pattern needed (less to sell), or someone else was teaching something similar. This particular shop gives a discount to the teacher in the the quarter they teach the class. Here is the problem for me: since I'm not an employee, I don't get the employee discount. I'm having to pay full price for fabric for my class sample not knowing if I will even have ONE student.

Its a LONG way from my house! I have to drive there to pick out the fabric/pattern/turn in my paperwork etc. Usually I'm there anyway as my small quilt group meets there once a month for a potluck/sew together. Most times it involves a couple of trips anyway. I also have to hurry out after class in order to pick my junior higher from school. As he gets older/goes to a closer school/has a friend close by to get a ride with this will resolve itself. But for now, half the week, I'm a single parent. Its hard when others assume I'm babying that kid! I will agree I do some things he could do for himself, and we are working on that. That is not something that is unique to this kid tho! Most kids I know would rather have other people do most things for them. If you don't believe me , try reading Zits! If my kid was unique, Zits would not be in most newspapers and be making a profit!

'Nuff said about that...I have signed up to teach a class at a closer shop. I had a friend who worked there...and had some staff issues (not with the owner..and all those staff people have left long ago). I have had trouble getting my hands on the pattern (mail order...wont' mention the online store...but I STILL don't have the pattern I ordered on Nov 7th! They say they sent it, I was never charged but recieved and was charged for the 2nd pattern I ordered. Unfortuantely I was not planning on TEACHING that other pattern...I just liked it! Next time I will only order the one I want to teach! I'm just about to order if elsewhere and give that wayward one to a friend. Can you tell I'm FRUSTRATED!?) I did stop by the shop and talked to the staff there. They graciously let me pick out fabric anyway...and

here is my color palette. The black is the contrast and has textual polka dots you cannot see in the picture. I had a primaries palette picked out also, but I asked in the shop for opinions. This one won. I think I see a trend here! My Carolina Christmas palette has the hot green and orange with black. hmmmm!

PS I still LOVE the above mentioned shop where I taught in the past. The staff is warm and friendly and they are willing to order things for you that they dont' carry or have run out of.

I may have pictures tomorrow of the quilt I have on the frame. Can you say"PROCRASTINATION? I started this a year ago AUGUST...and its for a customer! I'm DETERMINED to get his completed for Christmas, so I'm making in my only priority (sewing wise that is!)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

a tree day

Uh oh...I think its going to be another 'tree' day!

I BOUNDED out of bed at 6:24 thinking I was LATE...why is it so DARK? I know the sun comes up later, but it still looks like night? It was 5:24...not SIX 24....:::sigh::: This discovery came AFTER I had woken the kiddo up. In his defense, he NEVER said a word about waking up 45 mins early. He must be growing up. Alarm goes off at 6:15 (no, I didn't go back to sleep...), I get up, let the dogs out AGAIN. Open the fridge to start breakfast....BAM...a whole container of cooked corn hits my FOOT...(it was in a GLASS container) OUCH! Not to mention corn everywhere...dogs were happy! I was going to USE that corn for a corn and black bean salad for dinner. ::::SIGH:::: Breakfast gets made, off we go to school. As I'm backing out of the driveway, I get a glimpse of my shadow. Hmmmmm... I look in the mirror. HAIR STICKING STRAIGHT UP ALL OVER! I have asked and asked for the men in my family to...well...give me SOME kind of SIGN when this fashion faux pas occurs. I mean, GEE WHIZ! I showered and brushed my hair in the dark so I would not wake my sweet husband up! No Starbucks for ME this morning! It must be a laundry day. Do you think the darks will mind my hair do!? :::sigh:::::

Oh..and one more thing. I had BIG plans for today: laundry, quilting, decorating the house. Know what that means? Yup...HALF day at school. Kiddo needs a costume for the school dance. I mean WHO THINKS THESE THINGS UP? I have to come up with all the ideas...I"m tired! I'm hoping the thrift store will be a treasure trove. I need more coffee...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What a weekend! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Ours was....a bit quiet perhaps.. but that is not a BAD thing! Considering what was to come! Friday found the kiddo and I in the car at 6 AM. (NO we were not shopping on Black Friday!...::::shudder::::) We were headed ALLLLL the way across town to a soccer tournament. We had the 1st game at 8 am and when we got there, the GATES were not even open! SHEESH! That was a 12 hour day...BUT...the boys earned two shut outs and max points. Luckily, the dear husband arrived home late that night, so I was relieved of my driving duties at least! Saturday was not quite as early, BUT...we didnt' roll in until 11PM. ZZZZZZZ! I almost fell asleep in the car. Sunday found us in the FINALS! And they WON! another shutout! They only got scored on once in five games. It was very exciting! We had more guest players than usual with the holiday weekend. I was assuming that they might have a bit of trouble playing together. But I guess not! By yesterday I felt like I had a hangover....oh...and a scratchy throat and little runny nose. I sat in the chair as much as possible. I DID get to putter around the sewing room.

I got these done:

This is the 1st half of clue one on

Bonnie's mystery quilt. She has already posted clue #2. ACK! Don't despair! She will have all the clues up till sometime in the summer if you decide you want to play along! I have almost all of the 2nd half of clue #1 finished. I will post a picture of them when they are done. I am having fun with this...and I calm down from the seasons busyness...and make a fresh list!