I"m still here!

After you were SO kind and letting me vent about the pattern....well...you know Murphy's Law? I got the 1st pattern I ordered...and 2 days later I got the one I ordered from a different source. Yep...I have TWO. BUT...I still have not been charged for the 1ST one! And you KNOW that the 1st born in me has to play by the rules. I still need to get my DH to check our credit card statement. If I have not been charged, I'm obligated to make a copy of everything...the order, the charge (for the pattern I got but am not teaching)...and including the $9. Its just me. I cannot take something I have not paid for.

On the quilting front. I'm still working on the t-shirt quilt. I had a titch of tension problems...and I'm sick. Somehow I am not sure I can quilt while I'm hacking a lung out. Its just me! I HAVE been working on the class sample and it is in rows ready to be pieced into a top. I hope to sew a bit tomorrow. My ribs are SO sore from coughing yesterday. I'm better today...now my husband is home. I'm not sure I will be able to sleep in the same bed...I may have to sleep in the chair. He thinks I'm coughing in his direction. (I could say more...but I think I will stop now).

I promise pictures tomorrow.


Chocolate Cat said…
Not a great time of year to be sick. Hope you are feeling better very soon xx
Angie said…
Oh dear, it sounds like you have what has been residing here at Ships Landing for the last two months. :/ I truly do feel for you with the sore ribs/stomach from coughing. Hope you are feeling better really soon, girl!
Anne Ida said…
Oh, dear! What a way to spend the middle of December! You sound a little stressed, so please take a deep a breath as you can, and try lowering the shoulders! A large mug of hot camomile tea with lots of honey and lemon might help a bit. Take care! Hope you feel better soon!

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