2 finishes and a mailing!

Boy...for someone who moves as slowly as I seem to, yesterday I was at BLAZING speed! I finished up this:

A commission quilt I"m ashamed to tell you how long I have had. Anyway, its done and delivered. They really liked it.

#2 I wrapped presents and mailed the box. This is a BIG deal..you see...I'm mailing impaired. I dont' know what it is...but I have a hard time getting things ready AND mailed. I can either get them ready...OR mail them...not both. Its some kind of syndrome...

#3 I applied blanket binding to a minkee backed sheet my friend quilted on my Gammill. My friend is NOT a sewer...she was overwhelmed by the size of poor Lucy!

Does she look like she is petrified? She did a great job. I would post a picture of the finished product, but the battery on the camera died and its recharging...

Merry Christmas my blog friends!


Angie said…
Ooooooh, I want to come play with you and Lizzie!!!!!!

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