Sunday, April 26, 2009

Art imitates life!

Snags and Discoveries

What do you when you hit a snag...either when you are piecing or quilting? Do you wad it up and shove it in the bottom drawer? Do you pick pick pick until its apart and you can fix it? I have done both of those..but the one that afflicts me the MOST? I put it off or start something new and get off track! I have been working on a group quilt. I was NOT happy with how I was quilting it...not all of it..just part of it. It sat for a few days...and I decided to pick out part of it, keep going on the rest and save the repair for the end. and THIS is what I discovered:

1. If you want to try a new quilting design, even if you THINK you should be able to do it ok, DON"T DO IT ON A QUILT YOU WILL BE GIVING AS A GIFT. As me how I know...

2. Line dancing is CUTE. I like it...ALOT.

3. I should not be allowed to DO line dancing until I have PRACTICED on a charity quilt or a dog bed or SOMETHING. Ask me how I know!

I found an ad for a used long arm and let myself get ALL excited. I don't have the money saved and I promised myself I was going to be CONTENT with what I had. I will be saying 'yes' the next time I'm asked to quilt something and start myself a longarm savings fund. Now I feel like I need to get up and SEW! See you soon with pictures!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Aren't these little bags cute? They are called BB bags named after their maker whose last name happens to be Beebe! I thought that was cute too! The blue one is for me. I got that fabric at Road to CA in Jan. Its a hand dye. I needed something small for when I walk or go to a soccer game or practice.

There are 2 zipper pockets, one pocket on the back and and another inside the pleated pocket. No velcro or any closing tho, so I think I will add one. I also will move the strap on my blue one. It keeps the flap from staying down. I had things falling out when I bent over. The pink one is for my little friend I see at Starbucks in the morning. I used the left over pink fabs from her Airline art binder. I forgot to ask her mom if she is ready for another pink pad of paper!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I'm just about ready to move to a sleepy town..I'm fed up with other drivers! I will admit I'm not capable to be a race car driver. I can only handle up to about 75 on the interstate between here and CA...and even then I start out under 70 and inch my way up. Maybe I just know my limits. I just returned from taking kiddo to baseball practice...about 10-15 mins away. That is a short time! Soccer practice is at least 30...could be a bit more in traffic. In that short time, I had a car turn left in front of me (last time I checked, even if I got there 2nd, if I was going straight, I STILL have the right of way....) and another vehicle pull out in front of me, acting like there were two lanes (there are NOT)...oh, and there was NO ONE behind me. He would have had to wait...oh...2-3 seconds? That was just on the way home! I'm beginning to understand my grandmothers desire to not drive ...I didn't understand it at the time..but I'm getting there!

Look at all this good food! My old church has an outreach center and I help teach a sewing class there. I'm not the lead teacher! WHEW! Most of our ladies speak Spanish...and all 5 teachers (in my Monday class) speak English. I speak a BIT of Spanish, but not many sewing terms. We are lucky to have 2 ladies that speak both English and Spanish well. When we get in a jam they are always there to help us out. We DO have a good time even with a language barrier. I was not there last week, but I guess the discussion was about special foods for Easter. Somehow that morphed into Lenten foods. Today the ladies fed us all this good food! Sometimes there is something I am not fond of. Today I loved it ALL!

1 o'clock is Shrimp patties in a tomato sauce.
5 o'clock is cacti (it tasted like green beans to me...same texture too..a bit al dente YUM!)
8 o'clock was DH and I love lentil soup. I will have to make these as a side dish..they were DELISH!
11 o'clock I wish I had paid better attention on this one. It had a couple of ingredients that they bring back from Mexico dried and ground. Many spices was interesting, but I liked the cacti and lentils better!

I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of dessert. There was a bread pudding with sprinkles, pecans, and raisins. She said there was anise seed in it, but I could not taste it. The 2nd dessert was like french toast served with a syrup. From as far as we could understand it was made sort of like maple syrup but from agave hearts. It tasted like a thinner molasses. I liked it all!

Monday, April 06, 2009

its BACK!

Do you have any idea what I was doing yesterday afternoon? Check out the little widget over >>>>>>> What do you see? a GAME perhaps?? Not only was yesterday Palm was Opening day for MLB Baseball! ::doing the Snoopy happy dance::: (hope that didn't scar anyone with that word picture!!!) The boys of summer are back!

(Julie No Blog: do we still have that fabric bet going? Our Webb said he didn't think that Manny would be problem this year! Those sound like FIGHTING words! heheheheheheh!) GO D-BACKS!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

last charm!

I didn't realize that I had saved my cross for Palm Sunday! Coinicidence? I think not...I'm not always very vocal about my beliefs. I seem to have gotten more excited, the longer we attend Calvary Community Church. Pastor Mark Martin has a way of giving you the significance of a passage along with current events of the day, the meaning (or meanings) of the orignal Greek or Hebrew, and why it was meaningful to the people of that day. Oh, and he is FUNNY! I think that is why things stick with me all week.

What did I remember today? That Jesus entered Jerusalem in CODE for the people of his time. They expected a King ...a politcal king, on a white stallion, ready for battle with the Romans. They knew that if a king enters a city on a white horse, he is looking for battle. BUT, if he enters on a donkey, he is ready for peace. His return was also predicted 520 years before it happend....oh and it was predicted to the day...and that he would ride on a donkey. Happy Palm Sunday!

That concludes our review of my charms! We will now return you to your regular quilty postings!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

charm 5

Before I show you today's charm, Julie No Blog brought to my attention that there are FIVE people in my immediate family. I was just counting everyone but ME! that I have THAT cleared up.

Charm FIVE

When our two older kids were junior high age (you know, 'dont' acknowledge me in public MOM!'), I used to use the sign language for I love you across the parking lot (or soccer fields). Anywhere I wanted to tell them I loved them with out YELLING it and calling attention to them. I still use it ...This is my 2nd one. The 1st one fell off my charm holder at church one Sunday and it got replaced with this one.

Friday, April 03, 2009

charm 4

This charm was added just this last Christmas. My mom and dad gave it to me...and well..I guess its self explanatory! I'm off to Lunch Bunch...see you later!


I'm SUCH a wimpy CHICKEN! I hope as my quilting progresses, I am not such a chicken.This quilt has been on my frame for over a WEEK, and when I finally dove in, look what happened!

GOOD things! yes I need a bit of work on my line dancing, but even with THAT I'm more than happy with the result. I have come to the conclusion I will never be a blue ribbon quilter. With that said, I am MORE than content to enjoy my swirly flowers and curly ques! I could get USED to this. I have also FINALLY decided what to quilt in one of the blocks of my husband's anniversary quilt. He probably thinks he will never get it! It is second in the queue. (but don't tell him...I would like it to be a surprise!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

charm 3

I guess you would call this a finial? It reminds me of the end of a curtain rod or part of a hand rail on a stair (I guess that is really called a NEWEL get the idea!) I have 4 members of my immediate family...and there are 4 heart shaped 'windows' into the center of this finial. I think I need another one for the 4 furry members of this family too!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Charm #2

I think this is my favorite charm. I have a 'thing' for snowflakes. I know, I know! I live in the AZ DESERT! The year we moved here our daughter was 2 1/2 and when she asked me when it would snow here, I told her NEVER. (note to young parents: NEVER SAY NEVER to a kid! If you say it NEVER happens, next week it WILL!) and, yep, it snowed in Phoenix for the 1st time in FORTY years the very next week. :::SIGH:::: I'm not sure that kid will believe anything I say to this day! I like the delicacy of this snowflake. It reminds me that God made each and everyone of us unique! And BOY am I UNIQUE! HA!