Charm #2

I think this is my favorite charm. I have a 'thing' for snowflakes. I know, I know! I live in the AZ DESERT! The year we moved here our daughter was 2 1/2 and when she asked me when it would snow here, I told her NEVER. (note to young parents: NEVER SAY NEVER to a kid! If you say it NEVER happens, next week it WILL!) and, yep, it snowed in Phoenix for the 1st time in FORTY years the very next week. :::SIGH:::: I'm not sure that kid will believe anything I say to this day! I like the delicacy of this snowflake. It reminds me that God made each and everyone of us unique! And BOY am I UNIQUE! HA!


Silverthimble said…
I will see if I can arrange for a delivery of snow to your address ASAP! LOL It snowed here again today! It is April 1st and we so want spring here!

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