I'm just about ready to move to a sleepy town..I'm fed up with other drivers! I will admit I'm not capable to be a race car driver. I can only handle up to about 75 on the interstate between here and CA...and even then I start out under 70 and inch my way up. Maybe I just know my limits. I just returned from taking kiddo to baseball practice...about 10-15 mins away. That is a short time! Soccer practice is at least 30...could be a bit more in traffic. In that short time, I had a car turn left in front of me (last time I checked, even if I got there 2nd, if I was going straight, I STILL have the right of way....) and another vehicle pull out in front of me, acting like there were two lanes (there are NOT)...oh, and there was NO ONE behind me. He would have had to wait...oh...2-3 seconds? That was just on the way home! I'm beginning to understand my grandmothers desire to not drive ...I didn't understand it at the time..but I'm getting there!

Look at all this good food! My old church has an outreach center and I help teach a sewing class there. I'm not the lead teacher! WHEW! Most of our ladies speak Spanish...and all 5 teachers (in my Monday class) speak English. I speak a BIT of Spanish, but not many sewing terms. We are lucky to have 2 ladies that speak both English and Spanish well. When we get in a jam they are always there to help us out. We DO have a good time even with a language barrier. I was not there last week, but I guess the discussion was about special foods for Easter. Somehow that morphed into Lenten foods. Today the ladies fed us all this good food! Sometimes there is something I am not fond of. Today I loved it ALL!

1 o'clock is Shrimp patties in a tomato sauce.
5 o'clock is cacti (it tasted like green beans to me...same texture too..a bit al dente YUM!)
8 o'clock was DH and I love lentil soup. I will have to make these as a side dish..they were DELISH!
11 o'clock I wish I had paid better attention on this one. It had a couple of ingredients that they bring back from Mexico dried and ground. Many spices was interesting, but I liked the cacti and lentils better!

I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of dessert. There was a bread pudding with sprinkles, pecans, and raisins. She said there was anise seed in it, but I could not taste it. The 2nd dessert was like french toast served with a syrup. From as far as we could understand it was made sort of like maple syrup but from agave hearts. It tasted like a thinner molasses. I liked it all!


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