Snags and Discoveries

What do you when you hit a snag...either when you are piecing or quilting? Do you wad it up and shove it in the bottom drawer? Do you pick pick pick until its apart and you can fix it? I have done both of those..but the one that afflicts me the MOST? I put it off or start something new and get off track! I have been working on a group quilt. I was NOT happy with how I was quilting it...not all of it..just part of it. It sat for a few days...and I decided to pick out part of it, keep going on the rest and save the repair for the end. and THIS is what I discovered:

1. If you want to try a new quilting design, even if you THINK you should be able to do it ok, DON"T DO IT ON A QUILT YOU WILL BE GIVING AS A GIFT. As me how I know...

2. Line dancing is CUTE. I like it...ALOT.

3. I should not be allowed to DO line dancing until I have PRACTICED on a charity quilt or a dog bed or SOMETHING. Ask me how I know!

I found an ad for a used long arm and let myself get ALL excited. I don't have the money saved and I promised myself I was going to be CONTENT with what I had. I will be saying 'yes' the next time I'm asked to quilt something and start myself a longarm savings fund. Now I feel like I need to get up and SEW! See you soon with pictures!


Sheila said…
hmmm... didn't you just get the HQ? I like line dancing too. I did it recently on a charity quilt with my DSM by marking portions with washable marker and following a numbered path.
Mary said…
I do a LOT of drawing before I try a new design but most of the time that works for me since I NEVER put on practice pieces.

One thing I have done is use the leftover batting and backing when I finish a quilt to practice a new design -- it's usually only 10 - 20 inches but more than enough to know if I'm *competent* to actually quilt a design.

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