Aren't these little bags cute? They are called BB bags named after their maker whose last name happens to be Beebe! I thought that was cute too! The blue one is for me. I got that fabric at Road to CA in Jan. Its a hand dye. I needed something small for when I walk or go to a soccer game or practice.

There are 2 zipper pockets, one pocket on the back and and another inside the pleated pocket. No velcro or any closing tho, so I think I will add one. I also will move the strap on my blue one. It keeps the flap from staying down. I had things falling out when I bent over. The pink one is for my little friend I see at Starbucks in the morning. I used the left over pink fabs from her Airline art binder. I forgot to ask her mom if she is ready for another pink pad of paper!


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