I'm SUCH a wimpy CHICKEN! I hope as my quilting progresses, I am not such a chicken.This quilt has been on my frame for over a WEEK, and when I finally dove in, look what happened!

GOOD things! yes I need a bit of work on my line dancing, but even with THAT I'm more than happy with the result. I have come to the conclusion I will never be a blue ribbon quilter. With that said, I am MORE than content to enjoy my swirly flowers and curly ques! I could get USED to this. I have also FINALLY decided what to quilt in one of the blocks of my husband's anniversary quilt. He probably thinks he will never get it! It is second in the queue. (but don't tell him...I would like it to be a surprise!


Sheila said…
I think that turned out great! You're braver than me.

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