last charm!

I didn't realize that I had saved my cross for Palm Sunday! Coinicidence? I think not...I'm not always very vocal about my beliefs. I seem to have gotten more excited, the longer we attend Calvary Community Church. Pastor Mark Martin has a way of giving you the significance of a passage along with current events of the day, the meaning (or meanings) of the orignal Greek or Hebrew, and why it was meaningful to the people of that day. Oh, and he is FUNNY! I think that is why things stick with me all week.

What did I remember today? That Jesus entered Jerusalem in CODE for the people of his time. They expected a King ...a politcal king, on a white stallion, ready for battle with the Romans. They knew that if a king enters a city on a white horse, he is looking for battle. BUT, if he enters on a donkey, he is ready for peace. His return was also predicted 520 years before it happend....oh and it was predicted to the day...and that he would ride on a donkey. Happy Palm Sunday!

That concludes our review of my charms! We will now return you to your regular quilty postings!


Suzan said…
I think my favorite kind of preaching is when I am being taught something. Sounds like you have a great preacher!

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