Sunday, December 31, 2006


I have been looking for FOUR days for the cord for my camera. I have pictures to upload and no way to upload them! Here is a picture of my 'clan' on the 27th. We celebrate a birthday on the 26th(youngest son) and an anniversary on the 28th(parents 51st) the 27th is a great day to gather! Included with us is our older son's girlfriend~ we feel like she is family already!

I have had some 'ah HA' moments the past couple of is the 1st: Got any batting scraps? Got ornaments to pack?...see the connection!? I have felt guilty in the past just pitching those scraps out. Between saving for dog beds for the pound and packing up holiday ornaments, I have found them a HOME...and its NOT in the trash!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

more SCRAPS!

Look what I found!!!??? I have done this for YEARS. I keep all my small pieces of wrapping paper for use on NEXT year's stocking stuffers. Geeze...not just FABRIC I'm into PAPER scraps! Teehee...I think I will dump this lot and start over next year. Just as with my fabric scraps..THERE WILL BE MORE!

Thanks Tracey for letting me know that my post didn't "post"...Darn Blogger! I'm off to putter around the sewing dad is helping me hang some lights over my cutting table (I BOUGHT them a YEAR ago at IKEA and just could not figure out how to hang them. Dad suggested a track so I can move them if I like. I KNEW there was a reason we invited him to Christmas. HA!)Happy New Year!

I REALLY tried to get a picture of these rolls BEFORE my family found them..but to no avail! We used to have a tradition of having Krispy Kreme doughnuts for Christmas dinner but this past year found all of them in the State of Arizona closed. So we tried just regular doughnuts,but these cinnamon rolls beat them hands down. Good thing I make them rarely...I would eat them ALL.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday...Christmas for us...and we are still waiting for our airline employee to fly in soon. I'm hoping to find some time in my sewing room soon...I need some time to ME!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


You have to know, that in THIS part of Arizona ( I'm not sure about up north), rhubarb is NOT grown. If I even SEE it, I usually buy some. Now I'm not a HUGE pie maker, but after 25 yrs of marriage, I had NO idea that my husband liked rhubarb! I had made a strawberry rhubarb pie just to try it out while he was on a business trip. I thought he was going to come thru the PHONE when I told him. I LOVE RHUBARB he learn something new everyday! Well, I have been TOLD that this is NOT fresh rhubarb season (seems it is picked in the spring). I have been searching for about a month for frozen. Today a friend and I were having breakfast at Village Inn. They have pies you can I did...strawberry rhubarb. I told the cashier I have had trouble finding rhubarb...she called her husband who is a manager for a locally owned grocery chain. They HAVE IT! I was so excited you would have thought I had won the lottery! I guess it takes so little to make me happy!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well I have been busy..but nothing to show for it! (at least not to you!) Our daughter was in charge of the squadron Christmas party. She volunteered for it (but not NEXT yr). She was kinda desperate for door prizes early in the week, so I offered her a table runner I was almost finished with. She accepted the next day and I went into overdrive. Now I have to tell you, I'm mailing impaired...and I finished this UFO table runner AND mailed it in the same day. (I was SO proud of myself!) I did a booboo tho ...I forgot to take a picture of it to post here and to put in my quilt journal :::sigh:::: One of her big bosses won it she got GOOD brownie points. He might just let her borrow it to take a picture of!

I hope you are all enjoying the season. I kinda wish we had snow here in this part of Arizona. I remember from growing up the hush when there is snow.

I have enjoyed getting to know some of my new blog friends. I have not been blogging long, but it is part of my day now! If I don't get to read all your blogs this week...Happy New year!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Does anyone else have an animal that likes odd foods? This is my only cat, Rags (actually Ragamuffin...she looked like a pile of rags when I got her as a kitten). She is getting to be an old lady so I indulge her by letting her lounge where she pleases. She is napping on my husband's anniversary quilt top. I pieced it in 2005 (our 25th anniversary year) and have yet to quilt it. In my defense, I don't hand quilt and my machine frame is not wide enought to handle it. I just found out on Friday, a long armer I know will be purchasing another long arm to rent...SOOOOO I will take her class and try it out. I am hankering for one myself, and this will be a great way to see if I can handle it!...back to Rags. She LOVES lettuce! When I get out all the sandwich fixings...she trots in and PARKS herself right where I can see her. Usually she is rewarded...BUT..she will NOT eat it off the floor or a plate...NOOO Miss High and Mighty needs it HELD UP for her! She DOES eat it for about 20-30 seconds I stand there hunched over...holding up a piece of lettuce. Then I get bored and hungry, and she is on her own. We had a cat when I was growing up that loved peas...he liked to bat them around like a soccer ball..then scarf it up and look for more. Silly felines...

Will you LOOK at this mess? My son decided that the new tree in the family room was HIS to decorate. Fine...great idea. HOWEVER, when he didn't see the ornaments he wanted right away..he pulled out all the organizers and made this MESS for me to untangle. ICK! I am tackling it 10 ornaments at a whack. Easier done in small bites...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Very Quilty day!

Out of the funk...into the RUSH! My small group had our Christmas potluck...including a gift exchange. We finished up the hand work on a binding for a member who had been ill. Here is a picture of it with my friend peeking around it! She is glad to be back and she was MISSED! The block is the Twist block.Each member made 2 blocks...centers embellished makers choice. I SID and put the binding on..then we all did the hand work together...around the quilt frame style.

I also sent off a baby quilt ( WAAAAY over due..) no pic as I didn't like it so much. Not the pattern ( that one is about the 10th time I've used that), just my fabric choices and placement. Same pattern as the pinwheel quilt.. Then in the evening it was time for the monthly BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) at my favorite quilt shop. I finished applying the binding on Mom's placemats ...3 to hand bind...

and pieced this table runner before I headed home.(close up when I get it layered or quilted) Needless to say I slept HARD last night! My darling husband put up the living room tree and I crept in while everyone was snoozing to see the lights twinkling! Wasn't that nice of him?

Today I dove into a pile of laundry...and for one VERY BRIEF shining moment...ALL the laundry hampers were EMPTY. THAT didnt' last long! HA! I also wanted to capitalise on my momentum of worked on quilting a UFO table runner. My machine has decided to EAT both brands of invisible thread I own. Off to find a match of REGULAR thread.

I hope you are all enjoying the season. My family will all be here on Christmas Day. My husband won't be home till dinner time, but that in itself is wonderful! He has missed the past 2 Christmases. My parents, daughter who lives a long way away, and the rest of us that live in town will all be here...I really don't care about presents (altho I have already received a couple I REALLY like!)..but I'm ready for the dinner table...pumpkin pie...playing games...enjoying the family's company. And the BEST presents? THOSE are the ones that are not EVEN wrappable...a hug from one son who usually locks horns with me. Son #1 having a full schedule of college classes next semester PAID for...all his OWN doing. Our daughter, enjoying her new job and feeling successful at it. My parents health after a scare in October. And the birth of a Savior... Amazing!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Well, I'm hopeful that my funk is a thing of the past. The wall hanging for the kids is almost finished (maybe a picture before I go to bed) and my husband will help me layer the quilt that I will quilt tomorrow. (Hopeful it will go smoothly as I want to bind in on Thursday!) Pics of that too...Maybe of the gift giving. It is for a lady in my Lunch Bunch who has been sick. It is WAAAYYY overdue..but we will all be together for our annual Lunch Bunch Potluck. Good time to give it to her!

I'm on my way to eat dinner...tonights fare is shredded beef tacos! My friend told me she does a tri-tip roast (that is a cut that is not found all over the country..not QUITE sure what it is..but its YUMMY!) in the crock pot with a cup of salsa and a bottle of beer! I can tell you the aroma has driven me CRAZY this afternoon! See you later with a picture..that is my GOAL....:::very big grin::::

Sunday, December 03, 2006

well, I guess my funk was not over. I spent Friday shopping and running errands. I was in a good mood...for awhile. Then I noticed when I smiled at a shopper...I got dirty looks! One nice lady smiled at was the first time ALL DAY. I know that the holidays are not easy for alot of people. I was not being too perky....or loud...or chatty. Come to think of it, I must have been SICK! HA!

Saturday and Sunday I have spent doing mostly nothing. I did a bit of sewing on Sat. Today I tried to get backing for the school kids wall hanging, only to discover that store is closed on Sunday (how refreshing). Now I either have to piece the backing (ick ick ick) or wait. I want to get it done off I go to piece backing. Hope that will cause the logjam of my energy and drive to get me GOING. I hope to take pictures of BOTH wall hangings the kids made. see you tomorrow...and sleep tight!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Before you pack all the Thanksgiving decorations away...take a minute to be thankful . And thanks to Linda for posting this link in her blog. I will put some of these to work!

Today I was a slug woman. All I did was eat, feed my child, walk the dog and read a book! I hope this day of recharging will pay off tomorrow...I have WORK to do! Presents to finish and one to mail....and a guest room to clear out and redo! WHEW! no WONDER I'm already tired! Off to get DRESSED at 4:30 in the afternoon! Told ya I was a slug...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Pumpkin Pie

This is forTracey . I'm not sure if pumpkin pie is a 'learned' favorite or if it is universal! Try it and let me know!

3/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
1/4 tsp cloves
2 large eggs
1 can (15 oz) pumpkin
1 can 12 fl oz evaporated milk
( NOT sweetned condensed milk)
1 unbaked pie shell (9 inch) (deep dish-4 cup)

Mix sugar, salt and spices in a small bowl. Beat eggs in a large bowl. Stir in pumpkin and sugar-spice mixture. Gradually stir in evaporated milk.

Pour into pie shell

Bake at 425° oven for 15 minutes.Reduce temperature to 350°. Bake 40-50 minutes or
until a knife inserted in near the center comes out clean. Cool on wire rack for 2 hours. Serve immediately or refrigerate.

Note: the spices are all ground. No whole spices used in this recipe.

I take NO credit for this recipe! I came right off the back of the Libby's canned
pumpkin can!I wish now I had a picture of the WHOLE pie...we only have one piece left.

Black Friday

My youngest son...a pumpkin pie afficionado...BEGGED for more pie. I caved. THEN I found THIS evidence on the kitchen table later! The scamp had bigger eyes than stomach. I guess I better make 2 at Christmas or there will not be any for the rest of us!

I was SUCH a good girl today. I waited ::: Patiently::::: to be helped at a quilt shop I had ordered a new table from for my Bernina. ONly to have to wait till she explained EVERYTHING on 3 separate machines to a lady who then said "I won't be buying for a year, but thanks" wandered off...came back...STILL NO HELP! I finally just left. I didnt' yell...didn't fuss..but I sure wont' order anything from that dealer again! Then it was on to my FAVORITE store...they had a 30% discount on fabric today. I'm not REAL sure why I went as I'm on no-buy till April! I did get 2 "LEGAL" pieces...sashing and backing for a school project I'm doing with the 5th graders at my son's school and 2 packs of machine needles ( I have TONS for the frame machine..but none for the sewing machine!) And since it is Flinging Friday...I flung fabric at a friend for her church sewing group and some empty plastic boxes to another friend. Now its time to do a bit of tidying up in the 'studio' so I can actually GET to the machine! Ta ta!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Problem SOLVED!

I will teach my son to 'borrow' my camera! I went out and purchased a NEW one! Merry Christmas to me! This is the 'treasure" I wanted to show you. I help teach a garment sewing class at my church's outreach center. I'm not the lead teacher by any stretch of the imagination. It is rewarding tho and helps me channel my fabric-holic tendencies. ::;snicker:::: If I get ready to FLING fabric, I can ALWAYS fling it there and it will be put to good use. We get donations of fabric, patterns and all sorts and sundry of sewing notions. When older notions come thru, the other teachers know I kind of collect stuff like that. I have needle packs and scissors that belonged to one of my grandmothers.

My special favorites are wooden spools. Wal Mart has a nice large glass jar with a lid that I'm filling up. The thread on them is not reliable so we would discard it with me at least it has a home. Arent' the colors wonderful?...

This time of year I always am a bit emotional. It took me a few years to find the root. Our youngest child ( a boy almost 11) is adopted. His birthday is December 26th...a Christmas baby so to speak, altho we had to wait till April for him to arrive. I say he is the best Christmas present I ever had to wait for. I think of his mother often, but tears come to my eyes more frequently during the holidays. For he is with us, and she has no knowledge of him. I say a special blessing on mothers such as her. The gift he gave to her son and to us is unspeakable. So if you see me and I look kind of red around the eyes, say a prayer for her too.

I like the Gratitudes from time to time I will include mine. I hope it will make me look around with a discerning eye

~ a new camera
~ feeling healthier
~ a little girl in front of me at the grocery store to chat with while I waited
~ all my baking done for a full table tomorrow
~ having my husband home on Thanksgiving for the 1st yr in about 5
~ a son who looks nothing like me, but loves me all the same

Happy Thanksgiving! And as my dad says " Don't eat too much of that turkey with the sleeping pills in it!"

Monday, November 20, 2006

You Are The Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.
People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

OK...So I'm stuffing. I'm still antsy about my son borrowing my camera. If I dont' have it back soon, I may just have to go purchase another one. Gee doesn't he know I have to have pictures for my BLOG??? :::sigh::::: I have a treasure to show off.

I'm tired of not feeling well and not sleeping well. I had x-rays and a blood test on Friday but have to wait for another week for my follow up appt. I think I have a pinched nerve in my neck, but I will let the doctor diagnose me! HA! See you tomorrow with PICTURES!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday surprise!

I have no camera as my son 'borrowed' mine for a few days. I told him he had to have it back QUICK as I needed it for my blog! (you should have seen my husband ROLL his eyes....gee..its important to ME!!)Here is my surprise from an e-mail today:

Remember the rainbow quilt I posted? Well I had taught that as a class in Aug. One of my students sent me this picture today of HERS! Isn't it GORGEOUS! I think she was the only one who chose Christmas. Her colors were picked from the border fabric. It was such a lovely surprise! Thanks Carla! You made my day...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My slump is over!

FINALLY! I have been in a funk since I returned from Texas. I'm not sure if it was delayed stress or what, but I'm SURE glad its over! Today I machine stitched the ties of the Christmas tree skirt (its DONE DONE now...:::Grin::::).

I completed free motion quilting some placemats, trimmed up 3 and have applied binding to one. Its pinned and ready for hand work at soccer practice. (hey, ya can't be by a machine ALL the time...) I must be SICK as I never get hand made presents done until the last minute!
Dinner is ready, so I will post this and maybe come back later...or maybe I will sew some more. I have a backing I need to piece and then sandwich a quilt for SID. That one is hanging over my head needs to be done last week.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Home Again

Well...Dad is home. Starting to recuperate with staples in his head! He will be a difficult patient I'm afraid with at least 2 weeks of no driving to look forward to. I feel like I have a hangover and I don't drink anymore! Geeze! At least if I was going to feel like this I would rather have had the fun too. Traveling was pretty uneventful except for forgetting my wallet at home. Luckily I was able to take the next flight with no problems. Just goes to show me how concerned I was for Dad. We knew he was on his way to recovery when he told an off color joke to the nurse in the ICU the 1st night. My mom was SO embarrassed! This was a wake up call for them. Mom is talking of downsizing the house, selling the RV, and wanting to know where all the important papers are. Not bad things to know in any case. The house and RV will take some doing. Time will tell. I'm hoping to get to some sewing later today. I told one of my son's teachers I will help with a 'quilting" project. It will turn out to be mostly a WonderUnder/fabric paint project, but I will enjoy working with the kids. Its so nice to be home...the dogs are happy, the washer is humming, and I'm blogging! :::grin::::

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

sewing STUDIO

I decided a long time ago to rename my sewing room a STUDIO. Since REAL work goes on in there, I should get credit for it. Granted it IS a hobby, but many gifts are made in that room. Angie told me if I saw HER work area, I had to post MINE as well. Here goes if Blogger will cooperate. From what I hear from the rest of you, its being crabby lately. here are 3 pictures of said Studio. This is the cutting/ironing table. I have a home made Big board but with the ironing board underneath is all wasted space. I found these telescoping legs at IKEA. The top is melamine board I had cut at Home Depot. The wire cubes I had used in a toddler room...and the plastic square buckets I got at Bed Bath and Beyond during a back to school sale. The pad I made fits the whole thing,but I usually cut on one end and iron on the other.

Here is a view of what my husband calls "the Mother of all Sewing tables" It has room for my sewing machine and my serger. There is an extension that is folded down to make room for the frame.

THIS is why I'm on no-buy! It is over flow from the closet...and the closet picture is for another day! Now you will HAVE to come back! ::grin:::

I think I will be out of town over the weekend. My dad is having some unexpected surgery. He should be fine, but I feel like I need to be there. Everyone is covered here at home till Tuesday, so off I go. Time to go check out the clothes situation. I will try to check in on my regular round of blogs while I"m gone.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Quiet Sunday

Well, I finally have gotten some things accomplished. I had a few productive hours in the sewing room..then had to quit as our older son called and asked if he could come to dinner. Here is a picture of the quilted Christmas tree skirt I made for our daughter. I just stitched in the ditch in a gold thread and a buttonhole stitch. DANG that stitch takes a long time! And that skirt has 36 wedges, so I had 35 to ditches to stitch! It will be bound in the dark green. I was VERY lucky to find premade Moda dark green BIAS ( I know how to make bias..I just rarely DO it so to find it premade was a GIFT!). I will put that on soon. I have 2 other quilts to be quilted first. I will post the tree skirt again when it is all finished to show the whole pattern.

Under the tree skirt is a cleaned off sewing table! (well the work surface anyway!) I did that also. Yesterday I did some maintainence on my frame and am hoping to piece a back and load a quilt tomororow after sewing class. I should have some free time in the afternoon and evening. My husband will be traveling and there are plenty of leftovers to be eaten. The cooking and lots of sewing time!

I just love this picture of our youngest son. Up to this year he has played defense. Now playing forward he is taking some risks and trying to score. Think he is happy about his goal!? It lit a fire under him and now he takes shots all the time. He didn't score this week (the picture was from last week) but he did have a couple of assists.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Lunch Bunch Friday

My small quilt group ..about 12 when we are all there::::meets every other Friday. One Friday we just meet for lunch and show and tell (ALWAYS!). The other Friday, we meet at my favorite quilt shop, Quiltz. They graciously let us use the class room if is it is not scheduled for a class. We do a pot luck and invite the staff to wander back when they get their lunch break. Some times we have a group project and sometimes we do BYOP (bring your own project). Our only 2 rules are #1. If you tell us you will be there, and then life happens, you MUST call someone. We WILL worry. (I did a business card with all phone we all have one in our purses) #2. You NEVER have to do the project. That saves hurt feelings. We have a varied group of ages and interests. If the project does not call your name or you have a deadline, you bring your own. Even if everyone else is doing the project. Today we met at Olive Garden. We had 9 and they gave us this little alcove. I always feel sorry for the people around us. We laugh and get kinda rowdy! I panicked on the way out...I could not find the keys to my locked van. They were in a rarely used pocket. RELIEF!

Here are 2 pictures of the Rolling Pins quilt I am trying to finish for a class sample. Tomorrow after my son's soccer game, I want to do a bit of maintainence on my frame. Maybe I will get piecing the back. I have about 5 or 6 left over blocks. Seeing this as a picture, I think I will be moving some of the rows around! Good perspective! The top and bottom rows are mostly sewn together. The middle row is only in twos, so I still have some playing room. Off to sleep...hoping for no hearburn at 3am.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Good productive day!

FINALLY! I have not felt well since last Wednesday night. Today I got two junky drawers organized, 3 loads of laundry done and put away (our electrical rates go up at 1pm, so I have to plan accordingly), and cleaned up after my muddy dog. :::::sigh::::

My husband was kind enough to hang two simple hooks for me. I found a curtain rod that extends to 151" to hang from it. Along with rings with clips to hang a quilt from, I'm in business! Now I can take pictures of my quilt with NO FEET hanging out the bottom!! Here are some pictures of the Matchstick Marimba I taught in August. I'm a pieced backing fan...and a close up of the hanging system. I'm off to sew a bit before I have to wrestle my son into bed. Tomorrow I have all day to myself. I MIGHT hit the base grocery...but then again...maybe I will sew all day! I would love to have the Rolling Pins top done.... Now that I see the pictures posted, there are no feet hanging out. BUT, there is a dog bowl lurking in the background. I will have to work on that.

Here is a close up of the insert I put in the binding. I have done this in a border before, but never at the binding. I have gotten more comments on that than anything else!

I tried to post this yesterday, but to no avail. I'm a day late...oh to soccer practice.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Slow Friday

I had SUCH plans for today! You know what they say; Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans. I was very ill during the night...I think I ate something that didn't agree with me. When my husband is out of town, and I don't feel good...I kinda panic at 3am. Anyway I'm better today, but the lack of sleep made me sluggish. I did a good deal of chair sitting. I got about half the blocks sewn to each other. Sitting at the sewing machine didn't feel good for long, so it has been a much longer process.

I did amble out to the mail box later in the day. It is still lovely. After Elaine posted a picture of her snow, I thought I had better post a picture of toasty AZ. This little barrel cactus is about to bloom. Its kind of amazing that those thorny plants have such showy flowers. My favorite is our prickly pear. I used some prickley pear fabric on a jacket for my mom..only because it had the right shade of fuscia on it. I never thought I would SEE that color time I went to get the mail, there was the prickly pear COVERED in blooms exactly the color I had told my mom was 'not natural'! Guess I got told! When those bloom I will show you the whole show.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday frenzy!

Well I made it! All the blocks are pieced. Here is a sampling of todays offerings. They are the same colors as yesterdays but with a black center instead of a color. There is one of both blocks in a bigger block. To save me some time, I'm going to pair them up in the same color. Usually I put them up on the design wall and walk around them a few days. This time, in my time crunch, I'm just going to pair the colors up. The orange and blue blocks are already paired up.

In between sewing, I even managed a trip to the grocery at the base, post office visit (this is a minor family will tell you I'm mailing impaired. 2nd trip in 2 day with another one tomorrow: FLING day!, and soccer practice. I don't like it when my husband is out of town (and he travels for a living!) as he runs interference for me when I'm on a quilt mission. Soccer practice is painful when I have no hand work and am yearning for the sewing machine!

Have any of you seen these stamps? (I REALLY should get out more!) The lady in front of me yesterday bought some and I happened to hear her say "quilt stamps" I was tickled to see Gee's Bend quilts! Some followed me back to the car today, so I plan to frame them for my quilt studio wall...but there are stamps on the BACK too. Mail will have quilt stamps on them till I finish up the back!

Tomorrow's offering? a picture of the pieced top.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yesterday I got a phone call from my favorite quilt shop. I have taught one class there with 2 planned in November. One of the classes, I used the shop sample as my class sample (kinda lazy on my part..that meant I didn't have to make a whole quilt myself, just blocks so I could teach it.) Well...the owner of that shop sample, the patternmaker, needs it back for a trunk show. I have 2 options. Just not have a class sample...which would probably mean little or no students. OR whip one up! I needed 30 more blocks. 15 I just finished...with most of the cutting done on the rest. There are 3 each of purple, turquoise, yellow, pink and red. I had already completed blue, green, and orange blocks. The remaining 15 are similar but with the black contrast in the center instead of a color. As soon as I run to the grocery at the base in the morning, you know where to find me! Hope to post a picture of at LEAST all the blocks on the wall! Night!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Well , I think you can guess from the picture where the name of my blog came from! My best friend has LV2QLT . There is another lady who has one too..but the exact lettering just slipped my mind! I think it is SFTAQLT . Safta is Hebrew for grandmother. I had a few on my list to choose from. My favorite was IQLTDOU...but I was overrulled. Some thought a question for drivers was a bit much. Can you figure it out? My husband OK'd this one. I told I'm HE can be busy and I'll be the quilter!

Today was clean off a surface day on Stashbuster. I was mostly a slug today, but I did manage to clean off the dining room table . Here is a picture of my pumpkin collection. Most years I add one. This year I have added 4! Guess that makes up for last year when all I could find is pumpkins that looked like what I already had. Time to go check on leftovers. We are staying home tonight as the traffic from the Monday Night Football game is predicted to be heavy. Glad we dont have soccer practice! The stadium is right off the freeway we use to get there. I so wish they had put the baseball stadium there...but they never ask me for my opinion!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I spent most of yesteday doing laundry and working on my daughters Christmas tree skirt. I'm using a buttonhole stitch in the ditch. I have not used many decorative stitches. They take FOREVER! The baseball playoffs were on at the same time and I found myself watching the TV as I stitched! The machine just kept on going! There are 34 or 35 seams to stitch and I have done over half. Binding is a favorite of mine...I keep telling myself "if you JUST get this quilted, you can do the BINDING. And then one Christmas present is OCTOBER!"

Mary posted a picture on her blog Making Scrap Quilts from Stash from of a purple and orange quilt she made. It reminded me of the ORANGE quilt I made for my son. I had told my whole family "I will make you a quilt, BUT have to ask me. I need to know at least one color, size and what type you prefer :more traditional, more contemporary, what?" My son who was about 8 at the time heard me, raised his hand, and said "I want one. I want an ORANGE one!" Now I know there are many people who call orange their favorite color. I"M NOT ONE OF THEM! ACK! I have been a blue girl since the day I was born! But, a deal is a deal, so off I went to make an ORANGE quilt. I found a free pattern at called Batik steps. I made each block a different orange and all the 'steps' the same fabric : a nice rich Kona turquoise. Just for fun, I entered it in our local Guild show that spring. I had to wrestle it from my son's hands (and he still grumbles when I want to show it off!) My favorite comments were from a friend who helped hang that show. She said they had a hard time placing it because it just GLOWED all over that room! The judges said the pieced back was a nice surprise - I'm I piece all my backs. Great for stashbusting too! Now I'm working on an idea about how to hand my quilts with out my husbands shoes peeking out from underneath!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Preparing for Friday

I'm getting ready for a busy Friday! My small quilt groups meets every other Friday and tomorrow is potluck day. We ALL show up for THAT day! Only one will be missing tomorrow..she is still housebound but getting better. Here is a peek at my scrap drawer. I have been preparing all week to FLING on Friday with Stashbusters- but I won't be home all day! 5-11 pm is BYOP (Bring your own project) at my favorite quilt shop. A free sew session so to speak. There is always someone to ooh and ahhh or to give help. We have alot of fun with no interruptions from outside the quilt world! The shop staff even stays a bit late so we can wander around to our hearts content. I MAY not make it all the way till 11 as my son has an 8 am soccer game on Saturday. Gee I think I feel a nap coming on... I'm going to do some quilting on a Christmas tree skirt for my daughter's Christmas present and piecing a backing for a group quilt. I need to get that quilted SOON....

Here is a picture of one of my furry kids. We THINK he is a lab/border collie mix. He was a rescue...and a very terrified one at that. His name is Rookie (new kid on the team...and I'm a baseball fan) and he is my dog. My son claims him, but I feed him, so guess who he runs to when he is scared? He would not even stay in the same room with my older son for about 18 months, so we speculate he was abused by a tall man in a baseball cap. I wish I could meet him in a dark alley with a baseball bat! Enuf said.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Going on vacation is nice...but so is coming home! I was glad to be warm again! The dogs were glad to see me, both kids who greeted me were glad to see me...and I got to sleep in my own bed! The central California coast was good to us this weekend. The weather cooperated...we had warm sunny days and cool clear nights. I enjoyed hearing (AGAIN) about my husband 's escapades with his buddies in a kinder simpler time. Laughter was a great medicine! Here is the entry to the vacation house we rented and a picture of one of the views of the coast. We had sea otter and dolphin sightings as well as a jaunt up the coast to see a Elephant seal rookery. One night we did a tour of Hearst Castle after dark. We enjoyed a full moon and costumed employees along with a wonderful tour guide. The only thing missing from the weekend was my sewing machine! I would have been complete. Tomorrow our daughter returns to her home and we will be back to our regular routines....and a day in the sewing room is on MY agenda!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh how I wish it would cool OFF! I am madly packing for a short trip to the central California coast. Our grown daughter will be here to mind her youngest brother ...oh AND the 4 legged ones too! Here is a picture of the fabric I bought (I hope they dont' kick me out of Stashbusters!) for a scrappy snowball. Gee I LOVE those charm packs! There is one square of each fabric in that line. The large floral will be a border and/or backing with the black with gold sparkle for the binding. The reds are showing up a bit brighter ..they are on the brick red side ( d0n't ask me WHEN it will be done....hehehehehe)

I will have to do a bit of work on my frame when I get back. There is a sensor underneath the upper carriage that has come undone. I tried to restick it with double sided tape, but I think a bit of Gorilla Glue is in my future. I'm still having tension issues so while I have the carriage off, I will redo the counter weights. Cross your fingers that will cure my woes! Here is a picture of the frame with my friends mom's quilt on it last week. (ignore the mess in the room....I share this with my 4 footed kids. If I don't keep it MESSY..they stay IN there!)

When I get back , I will post pictures of my furry kids and my latest projects. Happy fall weekend!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy October! I went to Meet the Teacher day at the quilt shop yesterday. I finished my class sample with 15 minutes to go! WHEW! The rest of the days was pretty much Murphy's Law. I left a section of a Christmas tree skirt I wanted to work on today in the shop. I arrived home to a sick kiddo with a high fever. This morning when I went to check on him, I left the dogs in the bedroom. I was greeted with an 'offering" when I returned...the sick dog kind..but never mind that!...ICK! I wish Murphy would take a vacation! I'm happy to report I purchased some Christmas fabric while I was there. One of the classes is a snowball block. She used some charm packs that include a 4 1/2 inch block of each fabric in that fabric line. They were SO pretty! I'm about to go on my 'fabric diet" I tried last year. I started it on January 1st when I made a list of my UFOs (UnFinished Object) to you non-quilters....I STOPPPED counting at 30..yes THIRTY! And I have found more since! Last year I made it to Tax Day...I'm sure the MasterCard will thank me! I'm off to cut fabric for the Quilt an Hour a Day quilt for October. My friend gave our quilt group a pile of fabric to pick thru. I picked out fall colors for this. Call my family if I"m not back from stash diving in a couple of hours!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

YIPPPEEE! I FINALLY got my quilt frame WORKING! I added a add on that enables me to extend my quilting area from 6 inches to 12-15 inches. I'm glad it is working. And JUST in time! I have to finish the quilt on the frame tomorrow...and load my class sample that is due on SUNDAY. WHEW! I will be a busy girl..happily the backing is pieced for that sample. Loading will be the least of my troubles. By this time tomorrow I should be VERY tired, but happy! g'nite!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I barely sat at the sewing machine today! I HAVE to get the quilt off the frame TOMORROW or or I won't get the class sample done. :::sigh:::: and I'm still having troubles with it...GRRRR The motors dont' move at the same rate. I DID go to the dentist for a cleaning today. NO CAVITIES! One sore spot I need to floss more. Son's teacher quit or was fired today. I'm not sure yet which. I only know she was sandpaper to him...ALWAYS rubbed him the wrong way. Now I just hope and pray the NEW teacher takes to this class...they could USE it! Tomorrow's objective: quilt, Quilt, QUILT!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday blahs

I had high hopes for today. I just frittered it away! I punted on going to my sewing class and spent the morning putzing online. I literally got nothing done. I finally left the house around noon. Class supply lists were due for my 2 upcoming classes at the quilt shop and I delivered some fabric to a housebound friend. She needed the company as much as the fabric. In just a week, our daughter will be home. She is in the AF in the southeast. We have not seen her since March when she gradutated from pilot training. My only disappointment is that she is staying here with her brother while we go on a weekend mini-reunion. So she will be at our house, while we are gone. That means I won't get much time to SEE her! She on the other hand will be enjoying 'big city' life she misses. There will be a day or so overlap...we will probably hit IKEA as she is looking for some ideas for a computer desk that will fit in her room. Well, I think I'll go and see if I can get some actual QUILTING done! ::::don't anyone faint or anything!::::

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Last night I worked at the frame for about an hour. My husband needed to loosen some set screws he had tightened a BIT too much for me. Seems to work ok..but only quilting with tell! here is a picture of a placemat I just finished. I have 2 bound, one waiting for hand binding and 3 in the works. They were supposed to be class samples but I am not able to teach this till after the holidays. THIS set will be in their new home by then so ...:::::sigh:::: I will have to make a 2nd set! The 1st picture is the playpen quilt I will teach in Nov. I have made that pattern so many times, the page in the book is COVERED in my chicken scratch! Guess I like it , huh?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Quiet Saturday at home

Today was just SO pretty out! The intense heat of the summer is slowly fading (altho not in memory! I remember 115 hot degrees all too well...) and the mornings are cool and still. Makes me want to sit outside to sew....but I retreat inside to the sewing machine. Its a good time to get a jump on quilts for much cooler weather (all relative of course). I think my machine frame is working. I have been so frustrated with the whole thing. This time it ate a hole in a quilt ..not even MY quilt. I am quilting it as a favor for my best friend's mom. :::sigh:::: My only consolation is that the piece is easily replaced...and the recipient is a non-quilter who will never know unless someone points it out. That said, I'm still upset. Makes me think harder about my musings of quilting for others....and I will never leave my quilting for the day with the needle DOWN! Today's lesson was how to get BACK to my blog and post again. Tomorrow I work on posting a picture of me and maybe the quilt I'm working on for my class sample. One thing at a time!

Friday, September 22, 2006

First blog ever!

Well, here goes! If my daughter can be a blogger, I guess I can too! I'm a stay at home mom of 3. Only one left at home...YIPPEEE. They are good kids, but ya raise 'em up to be adults right? It is always fun to see what they choose... I am a quilter by obsession. I just taught my 1st quilt class in Aug with 2 more to follow in November. It was a blast to see the lightbulb come on. One lady told me she would not have been able piece that top without me...I was pleased! I will have to think on what to write in here...ya gotta be is not a private journal...hehehehehe