more SCRAPS!

Look what I found!!!??? I have done this for YEARS. I keep all my small pieces of wrapping paper for use on NEXT year's stocking stuffers. Geeze...not just FABRIC I'm into PAPER scraps! Teehee...I think I will dump this lot and start over next year. Just as with my fabric scraps..THERE WILL BE MORE!

Thanks Tracey for letting me know that my post didn't "post"...Darn Blogger! I'm off to putter around the sewing dad is helping me hang some lights over my cutting table (I BOUGHT them a YEAR ago at IKEA and just could not figure out how to hang them. Dad suggested a track so I can move them if I like. I KNEW there was a reason we invited him to Christmas. HA!)Happy New Year!

I REALLY tried to get a picture of these rolls BEFORE my family found them..but to no avail! We used to have a tradition of having Krispy Kreme doughnuts for Christmas dinner but this past year found all of them in the State of Arizona closed. So we tried just regular doughnuts,but these cinnamon rolls beat them hands down. Good thing I make them rarely...I would eat them ALL.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday...Christmas for us...and we are still waiting for our airline employee to fly in soon. I'm hoping to find some time in my sewing room soon...I need some time to ME!


Anonymous said…
Hey girl, could you send your Dad over here after he finishes at your house?? LOL Hope you and yours had a fabulous Christmas! Those rolls look absolutely scrumptious---care to share your recipe? :)
That's better! And, yes, I would like to share that breakfast! I've got the scraps of paper here as well and I, too should have a good chuck out. Cheers, Tracey
Anonymous said…
I collect paper scraps too. They are good for scrapbooking as well as for gifting. I have gotten better about saving only the good pieces, and throwing the old wrinkled stuff away. Hope you had a good Christmas and continue to enjoy the holiday season.
Su Bee said…
LOL -- I guess we scrappers aren't all that particular, huh? I'd like to crawl through the monitor for those rolls! That could be a photo in a cookbook - Yummm!

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