A Very Quilty day!

Out of the funk...into the RUSH! My small group had our Christmas potluck...including a gift exchange. We finished up the hand work on a binding for a member who had been ill. Here is a picture of it with my friend peeking around it! She is glad to be back and she was MISSED! The block is the Twist block.Each member made 2 blocks...centers embellished makers choice. I SID and put the binding on..then we all did the hand work together...around the quilt frame style.

I also sent off a baby quilt ( WAAAAY over due..) no pic as I didn't like it so much. Not the pattern ( that one is about the 10th time I've used that), just my fabric choices and placement. Same pattern as the pinwheel quilt.. Then in the evening it was time for the monthly BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) at my favorite quilt shop. I finished applying the binding on Mom's placemats ...3 to hand bind...

and pieced this table runner before I headed home.(close up when I get it layered or quilted) Needless to say I slept HARD last night! My darling husband put up the living room tree and I crept in while everyone was snoozing to see the lights twinkling! Wasn't that nice of him?

Today I dove into a pile of laundry...and for one VERY BRIEF shining moment...ALL the laundry hampers were EMPTY. THAT didnt' last long! HA! I also wanted to capitalise on my momentum of FINISHES...so worked on quilting a UFO table runner. My machine has decided to EAT both brands of invisible thread I own. Off to find a match of REGULAR thread.

I hope you are all enjoying the season. My family will all be here on Christmas Day. My husband won't be home till dinner time, but that in itself is wonderful! He has missed the past 2 Christmases. My parents, daughter who lives a long way away, and the rest of us that live in town will all be here...I really don't care about presents (altho I have already received a couple I REALLY like!)..but I'm ready for the dinner table...pumpkin pie...playing games...enjoying the family's company. And the BEST presents? THOSE are the ones that are not EVEN wrappable...a hug from one son who usually locks horns with me. Son #1 having a full schedule of college classes next semester PAID for...all his OWN doing. Our daughter, enjoying her new job and feeling successful at it. My parents health after a scare in October. And the birth of a Savior... Amazing!


Out of your funk with a bang!

Lots of quilting and Christmas sounding great, keep up the good work, tracey
Angie said…
I'm so glad you're out of your funk. LOL And it sounds like you've really gotten a lot of sewing done too. :) I'm still acting like Christmas is 2 MONTHS away instead of 2 WEEKS. LOL Guess I better get on the stick, huh? Enjoy all of your blessings during this Holiday Season.

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