well, I guess my funk was not over. I spent Friday shopping and running errands. I was in a good mood...for awhile. Then I noticed when I smiled at a shopper...I got dirty looks! One nice lady smiled at me...it was the first time ALL DAY. I know that the holidays are not easy for alot of people. I was not being too perky....or loud...or chatty. Come to think of it, I must have been SICK! HA!

Saturday and Sunday I have spent doing mostly nothing. I did a bit of sewing on Sat. Today I tried to get backing for the school kids wall hanging, only to discover that store is closed on Sunday (how refreshing). Now I either have to piece the backing (ick ick ick) or wait. I want to get it done tonight...so off I go to piece backing. Hope that will cause the logjam of my energy and drive to get me GOING. I hope to take pictures of BOTH wall hangings the kids made. see you tomorrow...and sleep tight!


Anonymous said…
Yeah, icky comes to mind when piecing a backing. But it awaits me Wednesday when my friend comes over. I'm helping her do this quilt for her son, of course, in time for Christmas. Why can't I seem to say no? The bad part? She knew nothing of squaring fabric, cutting, 1/4 seam allowance, pressing...etc. So, I redid every block. Yes, I'm nuts. But I didn't want her son to be disappointed.

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