Well, I'm hopeful that my funk is a thing of the past. The wall hanging for the kids is almost finished (maybe a picture before I go to bed) and my husband will help me layer the quilt that I will quilt tomorrow. (Hopeful it will go smoothly as I want to bind in on Thursday!) Pics of that too...Maybe of the gift giving. It is for a lady in my Lunch Bunch who has been sick. It is WAAAYYY overdue..but we will all be together for our annual Lunch Bunch Potluck. Good time to give it to her!

I'm on my way to eat dinner...tonights fare is shredded beef tacos! My friend told me she does a tri-tip roast (that is a cut that is not found all over the country..not QUITE sure what it is..but its YUMMY!) in the crock pot with a cup of salsa and a bottle of beer! I can tell you the aroma has driven me CRAZY this afternoon! See you later with a picture..that is my GOAL....:::very big grin::::


Anonymous said…
Okay, never heard of that recipe, so ask your buddy to part with it and post it for "inquiring minds want to know".

Glad your feeling better. I'm hoping I will soon.
Su Bee said…
YUMM!! That sounds wonderful - pile it on a tortilla with some guacomole and cheese and THAT is a meal. If that doesn't chase away a funk, you might have to resort to IV chocolate!
Ahhhh....Tacos, salsa, in another life I would have married into a family who did not revolve around meat and veg...and I, too, would be eating Mexican! Enjoy.

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