Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm still here!

I am still slogging thru my Celtic Solstice blocks. I THINK I only have THREE more 54-40 or Fight blocks. I am going to power thru those today...oh and keep putting blocks together on my Blueberries in the Park. For some reason, I am having trouble keeping my mind on the right way to press seams. I feel a bit OCD about the whole thing! I need that design wall for my Celtic Solstice!

I have a baby quilt loaded on the frame with a Minkee backing...I tried SID around the 1st border. Can you say HUGE TUCK?? In the back. I am frogging one side and then I think I will see if I loaded the selvedges on the leaders. If I didn't, I think a reloading is in order. A small price of time to be HAPPY with what I quilted! No thread shredding at the moment! HALLELUIA!

Hoping to have a picture or two on my next post.

OH! The class I took with Judy Madsen of GreenFairyQuilts fame was a blast! I made her blog page!
She was so much fun. I loved the EQ7 classes too. I have a 3rd class on my bucket list next time I see MaryEllen Kranz as the instructor. She went slow to start...and I learned ALOT that I will use. She solved a design dilemma with a quilt that needs to go up a bed size. WHEW! I think I will take my laptop next time I travel and see if I can get that puppy ready to sew! I cannot get AOL to bring up her website, so I will post it another time. GRRR..I HATE that. I KNOW the spelling is right..and I KNOW I went to that site last week...the link comes up when you use a search engine..but COX says NO WAY NO HOW. I think I better go do some laundry to get rid of my irritation!

Monday, February 03, 2014

Glad THATS over!

They are scruffy, DIRTY! (the camera really points things out doesn't it!LOL)
they REALLY are special shoes ..they have springs in the heel and toe for
cushioning - LOVE THEM...
But Saturday was the 1st day since Tuesday that I put them ON.
I even got DRESSED!
I think I had the flu...
FREEZING, but no fever
coughing but never any head congestion or much of a runny nose,
SORE RIBS-thought they were from coughing, but the 3rd day
oh..and not a SMIDGE of energy.
I even entertained thoughts of
"why would ANYONE care about quilting?"
Maybe I was hallucinating!!??
Anyway..THOSE thoughts have been trashed!
I still have the cough and the energy is returning.
Trying to get ready for a busy week so conserving energy where I can
Menu planning will be a MUST
and I have a couple of loads of laundry planned today to prepare.
Off to coffee now, but I will be back later to show you
how much I have done on my Celtic Solstice.