I'm still here!

I am still slogging thru my Celtic Solstice blocks. I THINK I only have THREE more 54-40 or Fight blocks. I am going to power thru those today...oh and keep putting blocks together on my Blueberries in the Park. For some reason, I am having trouble keeping my mind on the right way to press seams. I feel a bit OCD about the whole thing! I need that design wall for my Celtic Solstice!

I have a baby quilt loaded on the frame with a Minkee backing...I tried SID around the 1st border. Can you say HUGE TUCK?? In the back. I am frogging one side and then I think I will see if I loaded the selvedges on the leaders. If I didn't, I think a reloading is in order. A small price of time to be HAPPY with what I quilted! No thread shredding at the moment! HALLELUIA!

Hoping to have a picture or two on my next post.

OH! The class I took with Judy Madsen of GreenFairyQuilts fame was a blast! I made her blog page!
She was so much fun. I loved the EQ7 classes too. I have a 3rd class on my bucket list next time I see MaryEllen Kranz as the instructor. She went slow to start...and I learned ALOT that I will use. She solved a design dilemma with a quilt that needs to go up a bed size. WHEW! I think I will take my laptop next time I travel and see if I can get that puppy ready to sew! I cannot get AOL to bring up her website, so I will post it another time. GRRR..I HATE that. I KNOW the spelling is right..and I KNOW I went to that site last week...the link comes up when you use a search engine..but COX says NO WAY NO HOW. I think I better go do some laundry to get rid of my irritation!


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