Glad THATS over!

They are scruffy, DIRTY! (the camera really points things out doesn't it!LOL)
they REALLY are special shoes ..they have springs in the heel and toe for
cushioning - LOVE THEM...
But Saturday was the 1st day since Tuesday that I put them ON.
I even got DRESSED!
I think I had the flu...
FREEZING, but no fever
coughing but never any head congestion or much of a runny nose,
SORE RIBS-thought they were from coughing, but the 3rd day
oh..and not a SMIDGE of energy.
I even entertained thoughts of
"why would ANYONE care about quilting?"
Maybe I was hallucinating!!??
Anyway..THOSE thoughts have been trashed!
I still have the cough and the energy is returning.
Trying to get ready for a busy week so conserving energy where I can
Menu planning will be a MUST
and I have a couple of loads of laundry planned today to prepare.
Off to coffee now, but I will be back later to show you
how much I have done on my Celtic Solstice.


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