Monday, December 31, 2012

Wish List for January

What do I want to get done in January? I told my few customers I was quilting for myself, but I have a bit of catch up to do 1st:
          -Finish Kathy's quilt: quilting
          -quilt Katy's throw: quilting and fringing (its fleece)
          -Erin's beer quilt : piece last 2 rows, add border, quilt and bind

THEN my January list starts!
           -quilt 4 Quilts of Valor:only one is mine so that one will need to be bound
           -border Pat's quilt and load it on the frame.

If I can get that far in January, I will be happy. I better put on my track shoes and set the timer!

Happy New Year to my blog friends!

Friday, December 28, 2012


I love to have my hair cut! I keep it suits me. I just dont' like the day AFTER a cut!
I  felt like Spanky from Our Gang days! QUICK! get the curling iron!....

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What was he thinking?

Well, LAST Christmas, Sports Guy got a small
cookie making pan. If you have ever eaten at BJ's Restaurant and Brewery, they have a pizookie (think Pizza + cookie) ...they are GOOD..they are big! Sports Guy cannot leave until he has one. SOMETIMES he does not even share!. He decided tonight he wanted to make the cookie. He had many questions : Where is the vanilla? (can you tell he is a new baker?? lol) and What bowl do I use to mix? (um...a MIXING bowl? hehehehe) The size of the cookie was good. The taste was ok...the texture...more like cake.
add ice cream
then whipped  cream

and last but not least:
Chocolate syrup!
 I'm sorry to tell you , I think this was his DINNER! Hey! He ate all the left over tamales
that were in there..and I was BUSY today quilting with a friend. A girl has to have priorities, doesnt she? I promise I will cook for the kid tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Guess what I got for Christmas!?

                                                            News of a WEDDING!
                   Connor popped the question this morning : She said YES! We are so blessed!             
             The question on everyones mind? WHAT will he do for a gift NEXT Christmas??!@!
                                             Plans for a fall wedding are being discussed...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A new day dawning!

Well, its been a long time coming. A shift in my life and my days. This morning, our newest driver, got himself up (more on that later!) and drove himself to school. Did you hear the angels singing? I think I did! lolol He has never gone to the closest school. He went to a church preschool, a different church for 1st -4th, then a charter school and now a school outside our district for high school. There were various reasons. Each school was picked for a different reason, but all had no bus service. So Mom's Taxi was in full swing. My husband would do some delivery if I asked, but for the most part it was all me. I DID get up this morning, more out of force of habit than anything. He does not need anything in the morning. I used to offer breakfast, but after many years of seeing a non-morning person roll his eyes, I quit asking. My only concern of the morning was seeing him drive the dark...with no lights on his car! As you would expect, I tried to tell him...but alas, he was off without looking back. He is growing up! As he should...

When he asked us last night if he could drive today (half day...finals...good thought), he asked his dad
for the keys "so I dont' have to wake you up in the morning.." Wake up his DAD? Who could sleep thru a hurricane? And if he woke up, would be back to sleep in about 10 seconds? What about waking MOM up? Who got up with you every day for 17 a crabby non-morning person? You will be happy to know, I got a good laugh out of that!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guess who's coming for Christmas?


He and his Mom arrive on Friday. I have not broken the news to his cousins yet. Chewy does not even know he is flying. He has gotten his shots, been groomed and chipped, so I think he knows SOMETHING is up! He will be staying on at Mimi's Doggy Day Care while his mom jets off to parts far away. I feel like I"m taking something precious from her...but she claims she is glad to know he is loved and happy. His cousins LOVE having another playmate...Pray for me! FOUR MALE DOGS!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Does anything in your life make you feel invisible? A few in my son walking in the room (we have a country kitchen: kitchen, table and family room all rolled into one) while I'm cooking and turning the channel on the TV. HELLO?! SOMEONE IN IS IN HERE! Sheesh! Well, here is the latest installment. Someone hacked our credit card. They charged $100 on Itunes. Now I like Itunes, but I don't order that much at a whack. Wish they could track the person down...I would GIVE them a whack! SO, the dear credit card company, who caught the anomoly, said they would cancel the old cards and send out new ones. Two days later we get a it up....ONE CARD. DH's card. That sweet man was FUMING. He had specifically TOLD them 'We have a joint acct. SEND TWO CARDS'.  This has happened to me before... Last time we got new checks, DH took the deposit slip to the bank and asked them to order new checks. A week later, we get a check box. Open it up : ONLY HAS ONE NAME. The kicker there is that DH RARELY writes a check. I write one only when the merchant does not take credit cards or I don't have enough cash. Like the landscaper and the bug man. The thought crossed my you think my DH is trying to tell me something??

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday monday!

And how did I come to this conclusion? That it is Monday? The 1st pot of coffee was strangely tasteless. I had forgotten to empty the pot yesterday. It made new coffee on the old. ICK... 2nd pot of coffee (ATTEMPT) had me emptying out the carafe..but I forgot to put it BACK on the coffee maker. Coffee all over the place and still none to drink...DRAT... Emails read, time to go back to try a third time. I think this morning  I needed coffee BEFORE I made coffee! Yep..its Monday!

Note: pot #3 tasted fine, but the top to the carafe was not on tightly. When I poured coffee, I got SOME in the cup, and ALOT on the counter! Maybe I need to go back to bed....*yawn*

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow...I knew I had not posted in awhile..but I didn't realize it was THAT long ago! Two long car trips 2 week apart wiped me out..but that was just recently. Not sure why I stopped, but thinking I just got out of the habit.
here is my latest work fresh off the frame. My friend Betty pieced it. She asked for similar quilting style as was shown in the book. She took this class with the author on a Quilt Cruise. The author is Edyta Sitar. Her quilt designs are lovely! Next up: an Irish Chain.

Sunday, September 09, 2012


I use an ice cube tray for my bobbins next to my sewing machine. I DON"T like the threads hanging out and getting tangled. I have used hair scrunchies and these little clamps that hold the thread in place. BUT, those both hide what COLOR is on the bobbin.

While wandering the aisles, I came across the plumbing section...and

clear plastic tubing.

                                                        I measured the width of my bobbin,

                                Cut it with scissors (NOT my good sewing craft ones!)

                       And then cut a slit in it so you can open it up  and wrap it around the thread

NOW my ice cube tray looks like THIS:

They are not ALL done, but most of them. you can see the slits where it is open. The sides of these little slices of plastic do not have to be even or pretty, just narrow enough to fit into your bobbin. I thin I paid 0.37 a foot for the plastic. Don't you just love it when an idea works out good!?

I made TTT over at Sew Many Ways! Love that blog! (Now you will have to go over there to find out what TTT MEANS lolol!)

Update: a comment was posted about what size tubing I used. I THINK the tubing says '1/2 in TD (total diameter?). All I did was schlep a bobbin in with me to see if it looked about right. Karen cut a slit out of hers. I did not. The gap you see is because on that bobbin, there is more thread, so the cut gets spread apart on that one. One bobbin has much less thread, and you can SEE the cut, but there is no gap. The gap is ok. You just want it to hold down the thread.
I would love to thank all of you with an e-mail, but alot are on 'no-reply'. That means I cannot find an address to reply to. Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

good deed for the MONTH!

I try to be nice to know, open doors and generally be pleasant (even when I'm NOT feeling pleasant! HA!). But most of the time, I"m in a huge hurry. To stop , turn around , backtrack, get involved..its just...well..not in the schedule! Yesterday I was on my way to my monthly Lunch Bunch gathering (Lunch Bunch: non-guild quilting group. Sew your own project, pot luck, shop in the store that lets us use the room for FREE, and generally enjoy being around other people that speak QUILT, meets the 1st Friday of the month). I was not ON time..but I was not late. (we are kinda of a loose knit group...get there when you can, leave when you have to ..but to EAT, you have to be there at lunch time..and I had part of the food!). I left my house and was on my merry way, when I saw a small tan dog in the MIDDLE of the street. What would you do? If I see a dog and its on the side of the road, I will probably go on past. This dog didnt' seem to have ANY car sense. I did what ANY self repecting dog lover would do. I STOPPPED. Took me a bit to get him to the side of the road...longer to pick him up. Anyway...checked to see if he was chipped (AFTER LB..he was depostited at my house, in a dog crate with some water. It was nice and cool yesterday with all of our thunderstorms), he was NOT and no collar. I posted all over the internet and this morning was rewarded with an email that turned out to be his owner. His name is Mickey..and he is an 11 yr old Chihuahua. He had made it past a busy street to get where he was. Not sure if he was impressed with his 'adventure', but my husband will be VERY impressed when he returns from golf to find ONLY 3 dogs!

And I have the satisfaction that I saved a dog's life. I remember how painful it was when Rookie was gone for 4 months. Microchip your animals PLEASE!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

calendar check

Can you check something for me? What day of the week does it say on  your calendar? I SWORE it was Wednesday...but after the morning I had, it HAS to be Monday!!

It started out like a Wednesday. I double checked that Sports Guy was up, poured myself a cup of coffee and got dressed. We headed out the door for the drive to school...but by the time we got to the school parking lot, I was NOT convinced it was Wednesday after all. Sports Guy had forgotten his school ID. No ID, no admittance. I understand the security issue..and hey, high school is a practice ground for life, right? OK, try to get OUT of the parking lot to run home to GET it. I, as a rule, try to let out at LEAST 4-5 cars in my daily trek to and from school in the morning. The one morning, I NEED to get out..not ONE driver would even look me in the EYE. Sports guy was coming unglued.
 Finally I was able to force my way to turn left and we were off. On the way, to school , I had heard a funny noise I thought was coming from a tire. I stopped to check , even tho the 'low tire pressure' light was not on. I'm not messing with flat tires. Nope, no tire prob... So, when we hit home again, I was NOT going to drive that car. There were two other, gassed up, ready to go vehicles. So I chose another: my husbands car. I dashed in , while the ID was being retrieved, to get his remote. Back to the car...remote does not work. Another dash to get the 2nd remote, back out. Start to drive away, when I notice there are newspapers streaming from the back of THIS car. SLAP forehead..I put it there to get it when I got go with the 2nd cup of coffee. Stop the car, take the paper off the trunk and stash it on the back seat. FINALLY get back to school ,where I have to sign him in because NOW he is late.  Drive home AGAIN..and pick up the newspapers strewn all over the street in front of my house. (poor DH..had to read the paper with tire tracks on it!)

Luckily for me, I had a hair appt this morning (that I REMEMBERED! YIPPPEEEE). I am FEELING better...but are you SURE its Wednesday? SIGH

PS the funny tire noise was coming from a hunk of garbage that had attached itself to my front passenger side tire. Its scraped off harm no foul. But it DID add a layer onto a hectic morning. UGH!

I think I will go sew. There are leftovers in the fridge (read: no cooking tonight!) and its my DH turn to squire the Sports Guy to soccer practice. AHHHH...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Design Wall Monday Aug 27, 2012

Can you believe we are in the last week of August ALREADY? Well, I can! Drew has started his 3rd full week of school..and none too soon for me. That kid was getting BORED!

Here is what I am working on this week:

On  the design wall is a baby quilt with a camping/out door theme, lots of orphan/UFO blocks (the feathered star, sq with in a sq and Night and Day), and a couple blocks from the Christmas Town Sampler. I have more that are in various stages. They are just not quite done and ready for hang up.
This is a tote I am making for me. All that is left is the binding around the outside edges. I will
use that as a take along project for the week.

Here is a close up of the pocket. I looked and looked for pre-quilted fabric. There is not much out there and it ALL looks alike. I have had this crossword quilt fabric for a long time. It will probably make it into a vest (I collect vest fab...but dont' make many vests!), but it was perfect for the pocket.
The green dot came from Hobby Lobby and I quilted it all on Lucy. She did a very nice job! I just followed the lines of the crosswords, and then cut out the pieces when I was done. The green is quilted in my version of Judi's Feather swirl. To see a video tutorial, head over to The Green Fairy.
Thanks for visiting today and be sure to head over to Design Wall Monday at Judy L's to see what everyone else has been up to!

Friday, August 17, 2012

a quick baby quilt

One of my daughter's best friends from high school is expecting a baby boy! This is her 1st and her parents 1st grandbaby. What an exciting time! I am pondering a quilt (what ELSE did you expect!) Just a cute quick usable quilt. They are doing something woodsy, plaid,outdoors I was told. Look at the cute fabric I found!

Here is what I have started with. All suggestions are welcome. I have a darker green than is shown for the green. I have to stash dive for the dark blue 1st border and the brown (or tan).


Here is #3. I have had it done for over a week and keep forgetting to post a picture. I am still slogging thru #4. I think I almost have it. Maybe it needs to be FRAMED when I'm done!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

a morning's work

I have had this book a couple months. I love the blocks, but I have to admit, I'm not REALLY a huge paper piecer. I had tried a small one for my Dear Jane quilt, and failed miserably. That block was SO tiny...

and as you can see, this needle has small pieces near the eye as well. I traced it on regular
wrapping tissue paper. I really like it! It is still 'fiddly' and I probably wont' paper piece all the time.

but I really like the out comes so far. These are destined to be a thread roll. I have been enjoying more hand applique and wanted something better to hold my supplies. This will be on the outside. I"m still working on ideas for the inside. Something to hold either spools or bobbins. Anyone know if you can thread a bobbin from a diff machine? The Bernina bobbins are WAY too pricey to have one for every silk thread I 'want' to own. I was wondering if I could purchase something cheaper and still be able to wind them on my DSM? I also have a bobbin winder, but I think that is specific to my long arm bobbins. I will have to check that out too! I'm off to eat lunch..I'm STARVED! Then back to the sewing studio. I think I need something for the afternoon that needs less ironing. Our electric rates go WAY up after 1pm. I try to use the iron and dryer SPARINGLY till it goes back down at 8pm.

See you later!

Quilt-a-long Thursday!

Well, I have eaten breakfast, picked up after the dogs, emptied the dish drainer, turned off the coffee pot...and I'm ready to SEW!
Yesterday was the 1st day of school (yes..I KNOW its even earlier than our kids USUALLY start..not sure if I'm happy or crabby...:-D ) and our temps have been MORE than sweltering. This time of year finds us more humid, but usually the temps are hovering around the low 100s. NOT this year. Yesterday was 117! Judy over at Patchwork Times is having a Quilt-a-long starting today. I think I will join in! I am working on cleaning up the sewing no starts..but LOTS to work on ..and the Olympics to watch. HEAVEN! I will take a few short breaks to load some laundry. I am also still working on my kitchen. Did you know the best way to clean out your cabinents in a BIG FAT HURRY? ANTS! NOT what I had planned..but there it is. We really have very few bugs here...but I DO get ants about once a summer. In the same spot...bug man comes..sprays 'em..and I'm good to go. This time there was a bit of a delay as he was working in another part of the valley.

Do you know what you get when you empty out some shelves?

                                                                      you get THIS:
                                                             An island that looks like it was
                                                                         BOMBED! lol
                                          Its almost all put away now..but I had to WASH it all too. I'm not
                                        quite as good of a housekeeper as I pride myself on. (I'm not very
                                      much of a perfectionist, but I do work on it everyday!)
                                            I hope to be back later to show you what I'm working on.
                                               Stay cool!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

summer rains

Used to be in Arizona, that many days from mid July to early September, we got thunderstorms in the evening and nightime. In the recent past, the reason we hear on the news is that we have a 'concrete island'. The moisture hits our city heat and just either goes around us or disapates. I guess the weather didnt' get that memo last night. About the time I was going to get in bed (happens that was ALOT!), I start hearing the rumble. I usually take the dogs out one more time before I climb into bed. When I did, I could smell the moisture and see a few flashes. We went to the bedroom, but were not there very long when Rally (my most nervous of the rainstorms) started to panic. I had already outfitted them with their Thundershirts, but THIS storm was going to pass right over us. Some how that crafty dog KNOWS. He even will look at the flickering TV...and then pad over to the glass block to see if the flashes are OUTSIDE. Its hard to live with a husband who is smarter than you are, a son who is smarter than BOTH of his parents AND a dog that is so intelligent! He can open doors and will come 'get' me when he finds a ball he cannot rescue. I think he is related to:

This dog from the Travelers Insurance commercial. He looks JUST like him (altho at the moment, Rally is sporting some sort of dread lock on his head...cause his mom is too lazy to take him to be groomed. The groomer yells at me....HEY..he is a SCRUFFY dog! )

Anyway, I took them out once more, and THIS time it was VERY dusty (seen those huge dust storms on TV? The ones my mom panics about and calls me on the phone to see if I am ok? Itsn't that sweet? but..ok..its DUST.. off we go to ride out the storm. About 1am, I figure I am safe...I trundle all the dogs back to my bedroom. I can still hear a bit of rumbling, but no dogs try to climb on the bed and into my body. I"m thinking those Thundershirts are doing SOMETHING...

And when I wake up? I see THIS:

and THIS:

Guess we had a bigger storm than I thought!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

its here!

Over at Patchwork Times, Judy L and 3 of her buddies are hosting a Christmas Town BOM . Its part BOM and part quilt along. Each month, each of the 4 designers posts a block. If I keep on track, I could have a Christmas quilt for THIS YEAR! OH MY! Click on the Christmas town link on the side bar, or go to Patchwork Time for info. They just posted the 1st month TODAY, so its plenty of time to join in the fun. ....and  THEY'RE OFF!.....

(ahem....Just so YOU know? I will not be even STASH diving until I get laundry and a quilt worked on ...that is YOURS Judy D in AZ....the quilt I mean! The laundry is mine! lolol)

I will not stash dive till later....I will not stash dive till later...I will not....oh dear...QUICK...get that laundry started!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

OFF the wagon!

I never signed up for any stash control sew alongs...or even keeping track of what I use with Judy L. I DO have plenty of fabric, so I should NOT be purchashing any much, really AT ALL! This week, when I went to Starbucks for my weekly 'meet with my starbucks friends' (its in a Safeway, so I grocery shop if I need to!), my friend Miss M was perusing a quilt magazine or two. She was showing me a cute pattern when we BOTH caught what was on the other page. THIS:

yes, its blueberry muffins in a muffin pan! It was made into placemats...SO CUTE! But, I have a closet confession ::: I have a blueberry UFO:::: Yes! Its TRUE! I started collecting blueberry fabric many years ago. It has a specific plan...and at the time there were NOT many blueberry SOME of them are a stretch. Want a peek?

This is from a very old pattern called Postcard. Well,, because people used  postcards for the template!I took this class from Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie fame at a local quilt shop before she started publishing patterns. She called the class "stacked bricks".

This was the 1st fab that actually LOOKED like blueberries. I was so excited!

Even blue polka dots became blueberries in my eyes! You can see my favorite one in the upper left. You can also notice that after I RAN OUT, I had to find a suitable another dot was inserted. See if you can find that strip in the big its hard!

my only criteria was that it has to have blueberries IN the fab someplace. This one has raspberries and black berries too!

this one has cherries...some yellow berry..and the top black fab? (the BLURRY ONE? lol) has corn bread, apple pie AND blueberry muffins!

I FINALLY got the whole thing pieced. I had worked on it at my parents house last summer. I schlepped my Featherweight on the plane and got quite a bit done. design wall, and I had to put it away everytime my mom wanted to eat on the 'good' dining room table. When I got home, I misplaced a section. FINALLY found it pieced...and then could not find:

the designated BACKING! I must have found this on sale...and there is alot. But there is always a catch isn't there? There is a flaw in  the printing...and when I measured..there is plenty width wise. Length wise? I am still working under the 44'-45' wide fabric from youth! this is only FOURTY wide. I need at least 90 inches long. When I found the muffin pan fab: PROBLEM SOLVED...
well..PART of the problem!

By the time I was done looking at fabric online, not only had I ordered the muffin fab, I had ordered this:

and this panel.
 And YET I was not finished! On the way  home from my Monday sewing class, I stopped by SAS. This wonderful place has buttons, ribbon, PILES of fabric, thread, and  any doodah they can find that someplace was not selling so they buy it cheap. They put it in a container and the customers just LOVE to paw thru..and poke around the fabric stacks to see what 'treasures' they can find.

THESE are mine! Oh and 4 zippers and a yummy piece of tan minkee.
(the bike fab is a home dec fab. I washed it already and I think I'm going to make grocery bags out of it. Its nice and sturdy. Since I have washed it already, I can wash the bags when they!)

OK...I'm done now. I'm SO VERY done! I'm off to the quilt frame.

Hope you have a wonderful 4th! We got RAIN in Phoenix! And lucky me...once again I have a HOUSE full of teens. maybe the sun will come out so they can swim in the humidity.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012



I decided on a rainbow palette. Center dark blue, next round


I am having fun digging around my scraps for leftover bits of favorite fabrics!
The center is a leftover from my blueberry steps. Just finished the top, will post a picture soon.
I am playing catch up with some quilting, so TRYING not to get sidetracked too badly
with these tempting little blocks. I think I will prep a few applique blocks for an upcoming
trip to Southern California for our niece's wedding.
We will have all the cousins there, even Pilot Girl. She will be in LasVegas for an exercise
and they gave her the day off to fly over for the day.
South Dakota to Arizona is not insurmountable, we just don't get to see her as often as we would like!

Monday, July 02, 2012

off the frame today

I am hoping to quilt alot this week..and then I realized there is July 4th on Wednesday, my Summer Sewing group at my house on Thursday, and Lunch Bunch at Quiltz (my fav shop in the Valley of the Sun!) on Friday! I better be ready to quilt ALL WEEKEND! Here are a couple of pictures of the quilt that I took off the frame this morning...I think I still 'quilt' bees in my sleep...heheheheheh3

I think I will load the next one now, so I can quilt when I have a bit of time. Not sure I will go anywhere on the 4th. The dogs panic SO badly, they will have on their Thundershirts on (google it! They really work!) and its SO hot out there, I would rather cocoon in the sewing room!
Thanks for visiting my blog....BEE seeing you!
(so sorry, I could NOT pass up a good pun!)



#1 and smack dab in the center

Can you guess what I have started? Its a LONG process!

I pieced the center as a 9 patch and appliqued it and the little side 'legs'

It looked easier that way to me than trying to piece the curve.