calendar check

Can you check something for me? What day of the week does it say on  your calendar? I SWORE it was Wednesday...but after the morning I had, it HAS to be Monday!!

It started out like a Wednesday. I double checked that Sports Guy was up, poured myself a cup of coffee and got dressed. We headed out the door for the drive to school...but by the time we got to the school parking lot, I was NOT convinced it was Wednesday after all. Sports Guy had forgotten his school ID. No ID, no admittance. I understand the security issue..and hey, high school is a practice ground for life, right? OK, try to get OUT of the parking lot to run home to GET it. I, as a rule, try to let out at LEAST 4-5 cars in my daily trek to and from school in the morning. The one morning, I NEED to get out..not ONE driver would even look me in the EYE. Sports guy was coming unglued.
 Finally I was able to force my way to turn left and we were off. On the way, to school , I had heard a funny noise I thought was coming from a tire. I stopped to check , even tho the 'low tire pressure' light was not on. I'm not messing with flat tires. Nope, no tire prob... So, when we hit home again, I was NOT going to drive that car. There were two other, gassed up, ready to go vehicles. So I chose another: my husbands car. I dashed in , while the ID was being retrieved, to get his remote. Back to the car...remote does not work. Another dash to get the 2nd remote, back out. Start to drive away, when I notice there are newspapers streaming from the back of THIS car. SLAP forehead..I put it there to get it when I got go with the 2nd cup of coffee. Stop the car, take the paper off the trunk and stash it on the back seat. FINALLY get back to school ,where I have to sign him in because NOW he is late.  Drive home AGAIN..and pick up the newspapers strewn all over the street in front of my house. (poor DH..had to read the paper with tire tracks on it!)

Luckily for me, I had a hair appt this morning (that I REMEMBERED! YIPPPEEEE). I am FEELING better...but are you SURE its Wednesday? SIGH

PS the funny tire noise was coming from a hunk of garbage that had attached itself to my front passenger side tire. Its scraped off harm no foul. But it DID add a layer onto a hectic morning. UGH!

I think I will go sew. There are leftovers in the fridge (read: no cooking tonight!) and its my DH turn to squire the Sports Guy to soccer practice. AHHHH...


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