Quilt-a-long Thursday!

Well, I have eaten breakfast, picked up after the dogs, emptied the dish drainer, turned off the coffee pot...and I'm ready to SEW!
Yesterday was the 1st day of school (yes..I KNOW its even earlier than our kids USUALLY start..not sure if I'm happy or crabby...:-D ) and our temps have been MORE than sweltering. This time of year finds us more humid, but usually the temps are hovering around the low 100s. NOT this year. Yesterday was 117! Judy over at Patchwork Times is having a Quilt-a-long starting today. I think I will join in! I am working on cleaning up the sewing studio...so no starts..but LOTS to work on ..and the Olympics to watch. HEAVEN! I will take a few short breaks to load some laundry. I am also still working on my kitchen. Did you know the best way to clean out your cabinents in a BIG FAT HURRY? ANTS! NOT what I had planned..but there it is. We really have very few bugs here...but I DO get ants about once a summer. In the same spot...bug man comes..sprays 'em..and I'm good to go. This time there was a bit of a delay as he was working in another part of the valley.

Do you know what you get when you empty out some shelves?

                                                                      you get THIS:
                                                             An island that looks like it was
                                                                         BOMBED! lol
                                          Its almost all put away now..but I had to WASH it all too. I'm not
                                        quite as good of a housekeeper as I pride myself on. (I'm not very
                                      much of a perfectionist, but I do work on it everyday!)
                                            I hope to be back later to show you what I'm working on.
                                               Stay cool!


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