Friday, October 31, 2008

small project

I needed something small to work on. I am waiting to hear a preference on a commission quilt, so trying DESPERATELY not to dive into a large UFO. I'm also trying to keep up with my house. My parents and adult daughter arrive on Tuesday. I would SO love to have the clutter piles down to a dull roar! I had seen a jacket in Karen McTavish's book LONG ago. I bought it the last time I got to go to Houston's quilt show. That was in 2005, so this idea has been rolling around for quite awhile! I finally decided to dive in. No pattern, just an experiment!

I started with a plain grey sweatshirt. I cut it apart at the seams. (actually I cut the seams OUT, trimming as close as I could to them. I was not thrilled with taking out all those SERGED seams! We will see how it turns out. Could be next time I slog thru all that serging.) I loaded unwashed fabric on the frame, no batting, and laid the pieces on the fabric, fuzzy side down.

Here you can see the bottom edge of both sleeves. I trimmed off all the ribbing also. To start I made one line of quilting along the very bottom edge of the sleeve. I had been warned of sweatshirts stretching, so I was being very wary. My thinking was to just anchor it and quilt up...letting the sweatshirt move up as I quilted. No basting stitches or pins around the edge.

Here is a close up of the quilting. My 1st change would be to match the quilting thread to the sweatshirt. This is great for illustration, but I would love the jacket to look 'embossed'. To do that , the quilting would have to blend in. Hence the matching sweatshirt and thread. These are wonky feathers a la 'The Pajama Quilter'. I have finally doodled them enough to strike out on my own. The only thing
I marked was the center of the front where I will cut it. I probably will slice thru some quilting, but this IS an experiment!

After I quilted both sleeves and both the back and front of the sweatshirt, I just cut them out...following around the edge of the sweatshirt parts. I sat at soccer practice burying all the hanging threads.I guess I could have just threaded them to the back and trimmed. Today I will just put the pieces back together. Any suggestions on binding? I plan to do just regular double fold binding around the cut edges. I HAD planned on using the same fabric as the lining. Now that I look at it, I am thinking the black batik will be a BIG contrast to the grey of the sweatshirt. I think I will stash dive to see if I have any grey...I have a hair appt on Tuesday and could stop by my favorite quilt shop and pick up a nice grey batik. What do YOU think?


yes, I DO lurk on some blogs. I also lurk in my AOL quilting chat room...but I'm talking about what lurks under my washer and dryer. Yesterday, I was folding towels. Now I am not much on laundry and FOLDING falls under the "just better than a root canal" category. I do it because it has to be done and I LOVE it when its done. (wait; its NEVER done...:::SIGH:::) I happened to glance between the two machines...and caught a glimpse of a wayward sock. I got the mop handle and scraped it out.

There was:
3 color catchers
a foam brush
2 old Kleenex
one cleaning rag
3 wash cloths, folded
a fabric coaster
8 unmatched socks
one fat quarter
one pair of unmentionables of someone who no longer lives in this house
and the mystery; the patch from my student nursing uniform from COLLEGE!
( I graduated in 1979! WHERE did that patch come from!?? ROTLF)

I REALLY am afraid to have my husband MOVE those machines. If that is what was down the side and around the back, just THINK of the horrors UNDERNEATH! :::GASP:::

On a happier note, the stained glass quilt I made for the hospital auction went for
$475! I have never sold any of my work, so this was pretty exciting. I'm glad that it was for a great cause!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sew along step 3

I wonder if anyone is doing this after I have waited so long between steps! Anyway, here is a picture of the top:

And a close up of the blocks. If you would like to sew along with us, just search for 'sew along' in the search box near the top of the blog. I have gone back and labeled the fabric requirements and steps. Since we are only on step 3, there is not much catch up work to do.

Step 3

From your background fabric cut: 8 3.5 inch strips (WOF=width of fabric)
sub cut: into 80 3.5 inch squares

From the blue fabric cut: 2 3.5 inch strips
sub cut: into 20 3.5 inch squares

Sew one 4-patch block (from Step 2) on either side of a 3.5 inch background sq. Note the placement of the contrast ...If they are not placed this way, you will not get the criss-cross effect. make 40 strips

Sew a 3.5 inch background sq on either side of a blue 3.5 inch sq
Make 20 strips

Sew one 4 patch strip on either side of the background/center contrast strip. You should get 20 blocks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Star BOM pictures

I'm slowly getting acclimated to my new camera. My older son had to help me figure out why my computer was not 'seeing', my camera. It simply would NOT give up its lovely pictures!

I have been doing Judy L's star BOM, but with no camera, I had no way of taking their pictures. Here are the latest offerings:

Block 4

Block 5

Block 6...these are so much fun! see you later..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Still no camera...but I have PICTURES!

Well...I am waiting IMPATIENTLY for that new camera! You know, the money I saved, that seems SO important to not as important as I thought! HA! (if you followed that line of thinking, you really ARE my friend!) At this point I would REALLY love to have that camera! :::drumming fingers on the desk::::

Any way, I have PICTURES! Julie No blog (she CLAIMS she has a baseball one, but will NOT share the address with me...suspicious at best!) and her DH took lovely pictures of our auction quilt. It arrived safely in California at its destination ...ready for the auction tomorrow. We collaborated on this...and discovered ONE THING: we wish we lived CLOSER! (do you think our husbands are listening??) We are planning to do this again....with a bit more lead time on the deadline next time!

This is the top

The backing ....(the angel block is the label)

And a close up of the quilting. I am still using
the waterworld panto. The thread is a jewel tone variegated...King Tut...worked up
VERY nicely. I had a hard time parting with this. I used a jelly roll..and it only took about half of the roll. I may just have to make another one for ME...maybe I will share custody of that one with Julie No blog....hehehehehe :::grin::::

I am planning on branching out with a different panto SOON!
I was searching for something the other day in a file drawer, and found a SLEW of pantos I had purchased early in my machine quilting career. Some you have to make copies of (legally I PROMISE!), and then tape together to make the length you want. I have started putting clear Contact paper on all of my pantos ...after a minor unfortunate accident with a drinking glass set on one. It ran ....still very much usable, but a bit unsightly.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Roll Recipe

Michele asked VERY nicely for the roll recipe. This happens to be a bread maker recipe, but I'm sure the ingredients would work by hand as well.

Basic Dinner rolls:
7 1/2 oz(3/4 cup +3TBSP) water (90-100degrees - in other words WARM not hot)
3 cups bread flour
2 TBSPs dry milk
3 1/2 TBSPs sugar
1 tsp salt
3 TBSPs butter or margarine
2 tsps active dry yeast
OR 1 1/2 tsps bread machine/fast rise yeast

Add water to pan
Add flour, dry milk,sugar and salt. Tap pan to settle dry ingredients.Place butter
in corners of the pan.

make small indent (or well) in dry ingredients. add yeast in the middle.

set bread maker to DOUGH.

When done, take dough out of bread maker. Put it on a floured surface and
let rest for 15 mins. Cut as desired (I use a round cookie cutter). Place on
greased cookie sheets and let rise in a warm draft free place until doubled
in size. (45- mins to an hour usually) Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for
15-20 minutes or until golden brown. brush tops with butter/margarine.

These can be made into cloverleaves/crescent/breadsticks. I can tell you how
to shape them ...just ask. Also the recipe says 15 mins baking. I set my timer
for 11 mins and look. I think my oven is getting old, but mine are done WAY
before 15 mins. I use Sam's Club flour and yeast. Let me know how yours turn out!

The camera problem has been diagnosed by a friend who is a photography teacher!
Thanks R! My sweet husband ordered me a new camera, but of COURSE I clicked on
'FREE SHIPPING". That added 3-5 business days to the shipping! Don't they KNOW
I need pictures for my BLOG??? Wait till you see the auction quilt! OH MY! I may
have to make another one for ME...Hope to be back later with pictures :::Running
out to the mailbox to see if the postman brought me a goodie::::

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Its ROLL season!

When our low dips below 80 degrees, we consider that COOL. I know, our brains have been fried by about 6 months of above 100 degree heat, so take that into consideration.

Now THIS is not right....can you tell what it is?

Its a pastry brush....SHEDDING! First my BBQ brush disappeared (I think it got left out by the grill and one of the dogs 'helped' himself!)...and now THIS! I am rushing RIGHT out to get a new one. How else can I get butter on top of those lovely warm rolls??? (I know...I could use a knife...but it is not LOVELY enough for these babies...hehehehehe)

( I think I'm starting to sound like the Pioneer Woman! I think my friend Julie No Blog would approve!)